Emily Hearn’s Follow-up ‘Hourglass’

mandipaige (1)24 year-old american singer-songwriter Emily Hearn is back with her new album ‘Hourglass’ out March 10th. Following her 2012 record ‘Paper heart’ with 6E340094-F7ED-4202-A5E6-67A49645A831highlighted track ‘rooftop’  with an accompany video that had featured a dancing, drum-playing Bill Murray!

If I had to give her sound a genre…hmm I would say pop/folk charming, yes that is what I meant! She portrays such an untouched creative beauty in her music, showcased in her single ‘Volcano’ the melchancoly melody of a slow cooling relationship.

Hourglass was  produced by Chad Copelin, behind  Christina Perri, Ben Rector and Green River Ordinance. This album reflects a charming attitude, a very ‘touch & feel’ type sound. Emily says the album consist of nearly two years of conversation, inspirations, and many defining moments that came together to make this record.

Emily Is Currently On Tour with Throne Wells which will be making their stop in Orlando on April 16th @ The Social!

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