Kerchief: New single 03/24/15

d559fc_757bf935020f4c5a806e5ca4814f6c92_jpg_srz_158_145_85_22_0_50_1_20_0We have some much deserved Extra Exposure to show to the talented Brittany Hill Vocalist for the new project ‘Kerchief’! FB_IMG_1426562383199Created when she departed from the band Vanity Theft for a fresh, fist-pumping sound with an alternative/rock 90’s influence. The first single ‘Milk & Honey’ will be conquering the airwaves starting March 24th off of the full length album ‘ Machine and Animals’  coming later this spring.

This past weekend I spoke to Kerchief (Brittany) about her new solo project, indie sound and what we can look forward to with this new record!         Kerchief cover ill

What was it that first really influenced you to chase your musical dream?

When I started learning to play the guitar at 16, I always pictured myself playing in front of people and making them feel the way I did when I listened to my favorite bands. Somewhere between that and seeing Brand New (my favorite band) live for the first time in high school, I knew I could never look back.

What would you say is different with a solo project than a band?

There are two sides to the coin here. On the one hand there is no one to share the pressure with when things start to feel heavy, or to make the hard decisions with; like I did when I was in a band with my best friends (Vanity Theft). On the other hand, I get the privilege of calling all the shots and working at whatever pace I like. I’m the only one who can slow me down and that’s not happening anytime soon.

How would you say your sound has changed for this new record?

I’ve definitely matured naturally as both a guitarist and singer. I’ve also had more life experience which made me a better songwriter. I think this album will show that growth and maturity in comparison to what i’ve done up to this point.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your lyrics in this new project?

My girlfriend, being broke, working shitty jobs, anxiety, hope, Jack London, determination and desperately wanting to catapult into that future that I know is waiting for me. Too much? (haha)

How would you describe your sound to our reader’s?

Indie Alternative rock with pop sensibility

If you could collaborate with one Chart topper right now who would it be?

I have to pick just one? Hmm…Calvin Harris. If that’s not obvious enough, Drake. Preferably both.

Is there anything you would really like to tell our reader’s?

Please keep giving new music a chance. Pick up my single “Milk & Honey,” and keep an eye out for my debut LP “Machines and Animals.” Last but not least; go to a show. Not just mine… but go to more shows in general. Life is so much better with live music.

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