Emily Hearn: hits The Social April 16th

Thisimages 24 year-old indie starlet was featured just a few weeks prior as an american singer-songwriter Emily Hearn back with her new album ‘Hourglass’ which came out March 10th that Followed her 2012 record ‘Paper heart’.

She will be hitting The Social along with Tyrone Wells on April 16thFB_IMG_1427851690112 supporting the band promoting her new record. I spoke to this creative talent this past weekend about touring, writing, even snacking!

How do you feel about touring with the Tyrone Wells?

I love it! This is my longest tour yet, and we’re getting to play in several cities that I’ve never even been to. Tyrone and his band are so nice, and I’ve been having a blast playing with them!

Have you always been writing your own material or is that something you just picked up more recently?

I’ve always written all my own music. For my last EP, “Promises” I experimented with some co-writing with a few guys that I hadn’t met before, which really fun! But for this album I decided to write the whole thing with my husband Michael. We did end up co-writing 3 of the 12 songs with a couple of friends of ours, but for the most part we wrote it alone. My new album Hourglass is out now!

Growing up what artist would you say influenced you the most as an adult?

Probably James Taylor. I’ve always been so inspired by his voice and his songs.

What’s your favorite thing to binge on (junk food) while on the road?

Michael and I always try to find the best donut place in each city. It’s our favorite junk food and a fun little hobby. My favorite so far has been the Doughnut Plant in New York City.

Do you have a track off this record you are most proud of (I know that’s kinda of like choosing a favorite child:D)?

I think that my favorite song off the new record is “The Oak Tree.” It’s all about growing up and trying to figure out where you’re supposed to go from here.

Is there any one thing you would like to tell our Orlando readers?

I’ve never played a show in Orlando before, but I have several dear friends and family members from the area and I’m so excited to be there for the first time! What a lovely, sunny, city — I’m thrilled!

Emily’s past feature:



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