Rockus Maximus Winners 2015!

10998699_10152752949493253_1195402110_oS.S HANAMI  taking the first place spot at this year’s ‘Rockus Maximus 18: Battle  of the Bands! Fan Voted  and music dominated.

The band is based out of Cape Canaveral Florida this J-Rock band is inspired by anime and the Visual Kei movement from Japan, S.S HANAMI. Coming together in 2009 from the the Japanese word for “cherry-blossom viewing”.

Rockus Maximus was founded by Pasco County library and has grown in prominient size each and every year since. BoBsiteheadernew

Now leaving  band members; Robert, Nat, James and Andrew taking home bragging rights and $3,500 in recording FINAL-CAST-JPEGtime.

You can see the band performing live on April 24th at the Florida Anime Experience!  And To get the latest band updates give them a follow at

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