Audiotopsy_large%20copyLaud Produtions has a 25 year history of providing excellent studio settings, experienced engineers and accomidating full bands to Demo’s while providing both Digital and Vintage Analog equiptment. The studio has been at work this past year over something simply entising to the ear. With this all new project creativty shows through while easily showcasing their musical talent in this American Rock recording project ‘Auditopsy’, featuring memebers of  Mudvayne & Skrape. When we spoke to Tim (of Laud Productions) about the album and what it took to create ‘Audiotopsy‘ this is what he had to say:

How would you describe the influences behind this album?

“This was a unique project in that, it was a new band and also that the players, as a whole, had not worked together or jammed together at all. So the influence really came from each individual member, and what they were feeling at the time. The riffs we’re written by Greg, who wanted to do something melodic and more simple than previous bands. Then everyone else put there ideas to that. Billy, Perry and I had been in my studio for over a year, working on Billy’s solo album, when he got the call about Audiotopsy. He was in great shape vocally, and they were very comfortable with my studio so we were just able to create. Thats why we ended up doing the Audiotopsy album here in Orlando on The Porch. Tracking went very smoothly, and everybody really enjoyed the sessions and the results. “

What was the creative process when you were recording this?

“We set my studio up so that any player could record at anytime. Three guitar rigs, two Bass stacks, a vocal booth.… Everything was set up and waiting. The drums were recorded by Matt at his place before we started, so all the drums were complete, and on a stereo track. So everyday we touched on almost every instrument. Start with solid rhythm guitars then go anywhere!! Billy sang a song a night, then maybe add some extra guitars. Whenever Perry walked in the door we handed him a bass, even Matt would tweak his drums as we went. Several songs lyrics changed as we went, so we would go back and update things, change things, add things…it was really cool. With the push of a few buttons we could go from guitar tracking on one song, to vocals on another, in seconds. We tracked everything (through the trident) in a couple weeks!”

How would you describe the sound of this project?

“Heavy American Rock! “

When did you first start working on this music project?

” Aug/Sept 2014 was the first session. We did 7 songs, the work mixs were sent to labels, and by Late 2014 a deal with Napalm Records was in place, and we were back in the studio finishing things up. We finished tracking Jan 2015. Then we waited……and waited……but, the album is out now, and they hit the road Nov 17. “

Is there anything you would like to tell our reader’s?

” I had a great time working on this album. Please check it out!! These are great guys, making music for the love of making music. This is the way we work here at LauD Productions. This is how we have worked for 25 years. Create a comfortable setting, surround yourself with great equipment, then let people create! My goal has always been to have people enjoy the product they create here. We keep our overhead low so our rates are within reach of everybody. It doesn’t matter if you spend $500 or &5,000. Our end goal never changes. An enjoyable, productive session, with a professional sound, at an accessible price. The LauD (Loud) Way!! Tim

LauD Productions / Porch Studio – Orlando

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