The Fox & The Hounds… New EP

A9p1v1dCRQAUIGfp3o3l_lQDsmj4I7eTG3YeI04kcOgPeachy Keen, the new EP from Chicago genre-benders The Fox & the Hounds are strolling through with a handful of sexy, satin-smooth tracks that will leave you a little breath taken as the group takes you from love to revenge in only a way that this saucy  Burlesque Rock and Roll band can. Taking a new direction in this EP you can definitely rock out to these tracks. With Powerhouse vocals streaming through from Lester and Co-singers Katie Astrauskas and Kate Brassel they have a far Reach from tracks like “The Guilty Ones” with an Amy Winehouse flare and a sultry back drop extending to “Panic” which is a great exploration of rock and crossover into jazz.

I am absolutley obsessed with this EP and say give ’em a taste 😉


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