G. Love & Special Sauce

img_left.pngThe never ending party of music continues to keep people coming to join in since ‘1993’.

These cool indie tracks they deliver is like a smooth drink that’s salty, sweet with a hint of spice. You would never imagine the sounds they use collaborating so easily together as though they know how to use these genres perfectly.

If for some reason you have been living under a rock or an Amish existence (I apologize if that is the case) you have probably already heard of G. Love.

Fusing smooth jazz, blues, soul along with hip-hop to create unforgettable records. Their newest Release went live in 2015 “Loves Saves The Day” which is a reconstituted version of their original lineup featuring guitarist/vocalist G. Love aka Garrett Dutton, drummer Jeffrey Clemens, and bassist Jim Prescott, who returned in 2014 after a five-year hiatus.                      

They really get nostalgic with this record as they flirt with rap, rock, blues and hip-hop. Yet they still seem to easily slip from one track to the next. 12328514_1295404873808200_1146052651_n
So for all of you just coming to the G. Love side of things their sound is truly a diverse one, and if you enjoy Dave Mathews Band, The Black Keys, Jack Johnson and Slightly Stoopid then you will clearly enjoy G. Love & Special Sauce!.

The Philadelphia band will be  in Orlando while on tour next week (April 7th) at The Social, don’t miss it!

Get your Tickets now ( the show is 18+)The Social: http://www.thesocial.org/event/420157-g-love-special-sauce-Orlando/

G. Love & Special Sauce:                                                                                                 http://philadelphonic.com/



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