‘We Are Forever’ @ the Backbooth

11083889_805461616157383_3353936513009351516_nThis Pop Alternative/Rock band was formed in December 2010 out of the Indianapolis area. With band members; Aren(singer), Alex (bass/singer), Ricky (guitarist/vocals), Chris (lead guitarist), and Alex “Peewee” (drums) they released their first Demo in November of 2011. And soon after In June of 2012, they released their first album, “Seasons” while still on tour.

You may be most familiar with their  cover of “Lights”, by Ellie Goulding in December 2012, which that cover went on to receive over 40,000 views!

The band’s most current album “Aeon” was released on August, 18th 2015. Truly putting their imprint onto the music world with the tracks on this album,  showing how this band have become both creatively talented and seasoned musicians.

Now, the guys of ‘We Are Forever’ will be performing live at the BackBooth on Friday May, 6th 2016, along with great acts including An Honest Year, This is All Now, Best Kept Secret and Beneath the Spin Light.

Get you tickets now: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1120387/tfly? CgC7LSkWsAAw_tgutm_medium=api&utm_medium=459899

See you there,



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