Q&A with ‘The Galaxy Electric’

juhugugThe feeling of Summer is of course causing all of us to feel a bit more adventurous… So do we have the perfect Soundtrack to a bonfire and Antiquing in New Mexico kinda night 😉 . With the lead singer (Jacqueline) vocals taking you on a smooth wave back to a past genre, while the melodies are a unique mix of Utilizing lo-fi recording techniques developing into a psychedelic nostalgic pop sound.
When did you decide to come together for this project?
Augustus and I have been producing music together for over 10 years. This project came together about 3 years ago while we were living in LA, and were both in between projects.
How long have all of you been performing, when did you first get the music bug 😉 ?
I have been performing since I was about 8, forcing my family to watch my improvised modern dance performances in the living room. I began formal classical piano at 8, and voice at 12. It’s been my entire existence really. Augustus made his first recording, a cover of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” at age 4. I think we still have a copy of that somewhere. His dad was a professional bass player in the disco era, so it’s really in his blood. I think we both came out of the womb with the bug. Both our parents played us a lot of music while we were cooking in there.
What inspires you the most when writing/recording?
We take in inspiration from the world around us, the larger universe that we exist in, the metaphysical world, and the idea of perception vs reality. We are always digging for artists that laid the foundation for us in the world of experimental electronic music, global psychedelia, free jazz, and the great producers of the 20th century. There is a rich history of art as an agent for change. That’s really what we’re interested in – living with our eyes wide open, taking it all in, and then translating it into our art form.
How would you say this project is different from other bands in the genre?
Well, we straddle a lot of genres, but we have declared ourselves in the world of psych pop. What really sets us apart, in my opinion, is that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have created a world for our music to live inside, and once you step inside with us, you see that we are exploring some serious stuff, but having a party at the same time. It’s fun in here, but we will challenge your pre-conceptions.
Describe your music in One Word?
What would you like to tell our reader’s?
Be peace mongers! It starts with your own personal happiness. Seek that out and find the peace and joy within knowing of yourself. Dive deep and explore your true self through meditation. Spread your inner peace and joy and don’t let money rule your life. It’s not worth it and breeds greed and all things ugly.
Everything is Light and Sound, LP is out Now! 
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