Racing Heart’s, sophomore LP

racingheart_whatcomesafter_coverartRacing Heart was a project formed in Brooklyn in 2010, Shortly two years later ‘Walk Beside that Ghostwas released on Movemountains Records. An insprired look inwards with a truly folk attitude.

This second album (now from from Misra Records), really shoots for a Political viewpoint with the tracks,Flogging a Dead Horse”, solutions in the aftermath of The Great Recession, “A Prayer from Our Leaders” a visit to the power players of society, and Squaring the Circle  reports from the front lines of our endless conflicts with no clear enemies. With the 11 tracks on this new record, they seem to be trying to make sense of our neoliberalism in society where money is the first priority.

This record was Produced by Hanne Hukkelberg and music by Mathias H. Tjønn AKA Racing Heart. ‘What Comes Next’ is racingheart_photo1byketilblom_300dpimuch different than the first selection of track that Racing Heart offered in their first album, looking outwards and trading their folk-based sound for something more synthesized. \

To take a listen, check out the Band’s SoundCloud:


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