Anyone’s Guess, NEW music!!

3037151This band makes me proud of our local music scene, but for some reason if you have been living in a cave without WIFI so you’re not familiar with this talented trio, this is the female-fronted band formed in our backyard in 2006. Capturing the attention of the underground music scene around 2012 in both the States and the UK.

This is the bands fifth studio album, after a Crowdfunding campaign ‘commitment Issues’ was released this month (January 2017). Produced and mixed by Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle, Jane’s Addiction) and mastered by Richard Dodd (Halestorm, Tom Petty, Green Day). Front-woman Sanja described their new record as “relatable topics, from the perspective of a person who has lost their sh*t.”             2819810

This album truly showcases how talented this band is as they blend Sanja’s strong alternative vocals with their indie rock sound. They definitely have a more Grown-up Paramore sound with a hint of Automatic Loveletter going on in this album.

With so many Copy Cat artist it`s so refreshing to hear bands with a more original quality, I’m so happy that they wear the O Town stamp!

You can listen to their new tracks on SoundCloud .

AND… Don’t miss the band as they’re planning more concert dates now.

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