Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Eric Ryan

ericryan-copyEric Ryan was born in Orlando, but raised in several other places too, including; Dothan, Alabama; Dade City, Florida; and Unionville, Virginia.   Eric says his family “lacked monetary resources” and he learned to play on his father’s old Yamaha acoustic.  His mother, a pianist and songwriter fueled his passion for telling stories with music.  He started writing his own songs at 18, and at 20 moved to Nashville, where he says he called a ’96 Passat parked behind the Ryman Theatre his home for a few months. He was broke, but loved every minute of the experience.  In 2003 he was a finalist on USA Network’s 1st season of “Nashville Star”.   Then, he put down the guitar and his writing for several years to pursue a degree in Digital Media.  With a high GPA and only 8 classes to go, funding ran out and life took another turn.

After not performing live, writing a song, or playing his guitar for six years things changed. He didn’t just want to play again… he knew he had to play again.  “I felt something that was so much more powerful than it ever had been previously.”  Things were different for him this time; he says now it is “more about the connection to people, than just the rush of performing.”

Eric says he is very grateful for the change that brought him back to music.  After a long break, Eric has written 20 new songs in six months, and has many more waiting in the wings.

You can check out Eric’s smooth Country sounds at and


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Rose is a lover of all genres of music, with a deep passion for rock. Legend says that she has long since expired from this world, but continues to creep into as many shows and listen and learn about as much music as she can wrap her empty little head around. Music, it seems, is what keeps her connected to life.
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