Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: JD Muzak

jdmuszak-copyJD has been interested in, and playing, music since childhood.  He began by playing trombone in his middle school marching band and orchestra.  In high school, he took a break from music to play sports; but returned to his love for music in college after receiving a guitar as a birthday gift.  After messing around and teaching himself as much as he could, he decided to take guitar lessons at Jammerz Music Center in Kissimmee.  After five years of serious instruction and practice, he began playing at Borders, Barnes & Noble, other local coffee shops, and open mic nights.  He then moved on to gigs at parties, schools, weddings, corporate and municipal events.  He has been playing now for 24 years.

JD performs original songs and instrumentals as well as covers.  He says he is pretty much a one-man band, but enjoys sitting in with other solo artists and bands from time to time.

When asked how music affects him, JD replies; “Music is my Soul’s Life!  It can make me feel the greatest elation or it can be my biggest sorrow, but it keeps me going!  I love when the audience reacts to my performance and interacts by singing along, or showing their appreciation by not throwing anything at me… lol!”

He strives to give his audience a memorable experience while performing covers and his unique signature music and vocal pieces.  He says that the music he composes and lyrics he writes reflects his life and the people in it.  His songs have been inspired by both the good and bad events in his life.  “If I can make an impact on one person through my music, it is the greatest feeling!”

His show is straightforward, just JD, a guitar, an amp, a chair, and a microphone.  He engages the audience by being genuine, humorous, and dynamic.  Currently, he creates music using a home digital studio, but has plans to get into a recording studio to record his first full CD in the near future.  You can catch JD performing in a variety of locations as he adds regular shows at restaurants and music venues from the Kissimmee area to Altamonte and locations in between.  Keep up with his music, videos, show dates, forums and audiophile talk on his Facebook page:  JDMuzak or email him at



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Rose is a lover of all genres of music, with a deep passion for rock. Legend says that she has long since expired from this world, but continues to creep into as many shows and listen and learn about as much music as she can wrap her empty little head around. Music, it seems, is what keeps her connected to life.
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