Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Kristin Grice

kristingrice-copyKristin started writing music at the age of fourteen when she received her first acoustic guitar from her grandfather.   She started performing professionally after moving to Orlando to pursue a degree in film.  While studying, she networked and performed at different venues, managed several local bands, and became a part of the Orlando music community.  She is now focused on her own music career and has just released her new single, “All Work No Play” on Bandcamp.

Kristin says that like film, music tells a story.  Growing up she watched all kinds of films and admired the choice in music; even in television the music moved her.  “I love the way music connects everything.  I can close my eyes and listen to the melody, every instrument connects and tells a story.”  “That is why it (music) is so powerful for everyone.  Every song is like rediscovering a part of yourself, because you’re going on this adventure with the artist.”

Kristin is definitively a solo artist, rarely playing with a complete band.  She says that playing with a band just doesn’t have the same feeling for her.  As an acoustic artist, she puts her heart into the show and uses her personal energy to connect with the audience.

 Like many artists, she utilizes social media and goes out to shows to support fellow artists.  But, Kristin is a believer in open mic nights to promote her music and upcoming shows.  She says that open mic nights allow you to show the audience your personality, and gives them the opportunity to decide then and there if your show would be worth coming to.

Check out Kristin’s original music on Bandcamp, You Tube, and her Facebook page – Kristin Grice Music.


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Rose is a lover of all genres of music, with a deep passion for rock. Legend says that she has long since expired from this world, but continues to creep into as many shows and listen and learn about as much music as she can wrap her empty little head around. Music, it seems, is what keeps her connected to life.
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