Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: The Trees of Life

treesoflife-copyThe Trees of Life have been playing together since April of 2015.  Originally a solo acoustic act, The Trees of Life developed swiftly as a band once they got together and started gaining notable attention in the Central Florida area and throughout the Midwest. The driving force behind The Trees of Life is simply that they love the tunes they play; “sharing our music with everyone is why we wake up every morning”.

They recorded their 2016 EP, “Here We Grow” at TSM studios in Longwood, FL with John Blanche, who has worked with artists such as Crosby Stills and Nash, Eagles, and The Bee Gees.

When asked how music affects them and the world around them; “Music is everywhere. In the cadence of your footsteps. It’s in the rhythm of the words you speak. It’s in the laughter of children and the cries of the heartbroken. It connects everyone and everything on our planet, just as your heartbeat provides the metronome for the rhythm of life. It’s the one thing that can never be taken away… Because as long as we have a voice to sing and a tune in our heads, we will have music to share”.

The bandmembers bring every ounce of themselves as individuals into their performances, so that The Trees of Life can represent several unique elements fusing together in a singular consciousness.  They say they are like 6 excited kids bouncing off the walls on the night of a show, and that energy permeates their music.  Every show is different from the last, adding improvised elements to their songs for specific shows, and even adding performance elements like live painting and guest musicians for new songs. They strive to keep things fresh for their loyal fans while engaging new fans at each show.

The Trees of Life notes that social media is a major source of promotion for their music and shows, but says that it is the personal connection they make with their audiences; being accessible at the shows, and staying in touch with the people they inspire and those that inspire them is what continues to grow their fan base.

They are constantly writing and recording new music.  2016 saw the release of the first studio EP, “Here We Grow” and they are currently completing work on a full-length release for 2017.  With about three albums worth of original music already written, they will continue to hit the studio as much as time (and money) will allow.  First and foremost, they are a live band and will balance time in the studio while focusing on upcoming performances.

In the coming months, they will be performing at The Sanford Music Festival, and in Ormond Beach and Indialantic incorporating new songs into the shows along the way.  “We like to put on energetic shows that allow us to not only share our music, but also our passion for life and everything in it.”

You can find out more about them at The Trees of Life, or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Find them in whatever fashion you choose and show some love; they will be stoked to hear from you!

Instagram: The_Trees_Of_Life

Twitter: @The_TreesOfLife



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