Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Cosmic Chillbillies

cosmic-chillbillies-photo-1Cosmic Chillbillies is the result of over five years of collaboration between Tim Adams (guitar) and Lon Degraw (bass).  Originally an improvisational instrumental jam band known as ZODRAZ, then Tim started singing, the songs started taking shape and the transformation to Cosmic Chillbillies was inevitable.  The band has recently added Stixx on drums and they continue to accumulate new original songs.  The band says that each new song has its own magic and they are looking forward to recording and playing them live.

When asked how music affects life, the steadfast reply is that music is most certainly the center of their lives.  “Becoming successful entertainers is definitely our dream…to be on stage and to provide the soundtrack of life for our fans as they cruise through the cosmos.”

The Chillbillies song styles range from psychedelic, funk, punk/pop to blues and rock with lots of southern style licks for good measure. The music is the focus of their show, and listeners will never get bored with their various styles. As the band grows, they are accumulating new lighting and gadgets to add to the visual excitement.  There are new ideas (being kept under wraps for now) for an interactive project that promises to be lots of fun for future audiences, both current fans and new followers.
Though Facebook is their primary mode of promotion, they rely on direct contact (via the magic of texting) with friends and family, and word of mouth to spread the word far and wide as they move through the universe.

The Chillbillies are currently recording their music at a local theater in hopes to have promo copies available at the Sanford Music Festival.  Fans can look forward to a full length album recorded on a Neve console in the coming months.

Their next show is the Sanford Music Festival, where they will appear on the Rabbit Food Records stage at 9:00 p.m.  It’s for sure that no matter where the Cosmic Chillbillies play, listeners will have a great time, and so do they. “We love music and appreciate people who also love music. We’ve been getting a great deal of positive feedback from our listeners.”

Chillbillies fans and new listeners can find out more at



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