Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Doc Ellis Orchestra

doc_ellisDoc Ellis Orchestra formed in the summer of 2011 to perform a benefit show as a gift for guitarist/singer/songwriter Ray Krugh’s one year old daughter. Apparently some kind of special magic happened during what was meant to be a one-time performance.  Six years later DEO has established a loyal fan base and a catalog of original music that will continue to draw in new fans and listeners.

Much of Doc Ellis Orchestra’s material stems from real people in real personal situations. This intimate aspect of their music allows the band to perform the songs with raw intensity and sincerity.

The band’s number one interest is to record great soulful music that remains in the ears, minds, and hearts of the people who love it most; the D-E-O Fans!

After the Sanford Music Festival, they will be back at the West End Trading Company on February 24th, opening for Drivin’ N Cryin’.  Keep an eye out for the release of a live video and audio CD from DEO in the very near future.

Connect with Doc Ellis Orchestra at:;;



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