Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Lynne Gibson & Beth Black Acoustic Duo

lynnegibson-photoBeth Black’s current collaboration with Lynne Gibson began in September 2016.  They have similar backgrounds in music from Jazz, Blues, Country, Americana and Rock.  Since they both enjoy music from a wide variety of backgrounds it is not uncommon for fellow musician friends to sit in.  Over time they have found a good blend with two other local musicians, Carol Ford Keck on harp, and Tracey Gibbs on percussion, and they are having a blast!  Thus, the creation of the “& Then There Were 4.” band.

Lynne says that “music expresses what can’t be said by words alone, it brings people together, takes us to another place and transcends everyday life.”

This is a duo and 4 person band formed by seasoned musicians that just happen to be women who know how to rock.  These ladies can groove and solo with the best of ‘em!

Fans often comment that “& Then There Were 4” is a unique blend of musical styles and talent, and are surprised by the variety of their set list.  It’s not uncommon for folks to get so into their performance that they stay through all four sets. 

 Lynne is currently in the studio working on an EP targeted for release in August 2017.  In the meantime, you can check them out at the Sanford Music Festival, and or

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‘Stereo Off’ announces EP ‘III’

stereooff-photo1-denekaThis New York band really has a unique twist on the indie/rock sound. They combine jazz and electronic for a an indie/electronic sound.

Formed in 2012 originating as a Solo project by lead singer Sebastian Marciano, but quickly grew into a five-piece instrumental experiment. Releasing their first EP in New York in 2014 followed by their 2nd EP The Long Hot Winter. 

The current band works as a three-piece featuring Sebastian Marciano and Niall Madden collaborating on the bands music.The third addition was Bridget Fitzgerald  bringing her formal training in viola from the Juilliard Masters program.

This band is a definitely one to take notice of for the exploration into new sound as they are not afraid to venture into different styles/sounds. So check out the band’s latest track ‘Sunsetting‘ off their new EP ‘III‘ out on February, 3rd. Stereo Off, Soundcloud…





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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Jason Fitch

jason_fitch_new-copyJason Fitch is a singer/songwriter from Eustis, Florida.  He cites Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Uncle Tupelo, Jason Isbell, Ryan Bingham and Holly Williams as his musical influences.

He took a 10-year break from music, but began playing again after his wife Debi, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  One day she asked him to write a song, and once he started the first song, he found that more songs just came pouring out.  While he cared for his wife in the hospital and at home, he would pick up his guitar and play for her.  Jason says it helped raise Debi’s spirits during this time, and for him it was a way to cope with his emotions and escape the reality of what was going on in their lives.

Jason’s debut album “Broken Wing” was released on October 16th, 2015. The 14-song album chronicles the emotional roller coaster that Jason and Debi went through while she fought hard and endured several rounds of treatments to conquer her illness.

He says that music is a means of escape.  Writing music helps him cope with different situations in life.  Good or bad.  “I’m a story teller.  I tell a lot stories about my life, what I’ve gone through, and where I come from.  My songs are inspired by people around me or something that has happened to me at one time or another.”

Jason is currently in the studio recording his second album with the same musicians he worked with on “Broken Wing”.  He has written all the songs and plays acoustic guitar and mandolin.  His friend and producer, Mike Castonguay, brought in Jake Coco on drums.  Mike played bass, some guitar, and several other instruments.  Mark Goldenberg, who has worked with Willie Nelson and Jackson Browne, is on lead guitar.  Jason credits Mike Castonguay as a fantastic musician and producer and the he could not imagine doing a record without him.

Right now, he is focusing on completing the album and only has a few shows coming up.  But you can see him at the Sanford Music Festival, and find him at, or Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at JasonFitchMusic.  Check out his music on ITunes, just search for Jason Fitch.

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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Cosmic Chillbillies

cosmic-chillbillies-photo-1Cosmic Chillbillies is the result of over five years of collaboration between Tim Adams (guitar) and Lon Degraw (bass).  Originally an improvisational instrumental jam band known as ZODRAZ, then Tim started singing, the songs started taking shape and the transformation to Cosmic Chillbillies was inevitable.  The band has recently added Stixx on drums and they continue to accumulate new original songs.  The band says that each new song has its own magic and they are looking forward to recording and playing them live.

When asked how music affects life, the steadfast reply is that music is most certainly the center of their lives.  “Becoming successful entertainers is definitely our dream…to be on stage and to provide the soundtrack of life for our fans as they cruise through the cosmos.”

The Chillbillies song styles range from psychedelic, funk, punk/pop to blues and rock with lots of southern style licks for good measure. The music is the focus of their show, and listeners will never get bored with their various styles. As the band grows, they are accumulating new lighting and gadgets to add to the visual excitement.  There are new ideas (being kept under wraps for now) for an interactive project that promises to be lots of fun for future audiences, both current fans and new followers.
Though Facebook is their primary mode of promotion, they rely on direct contact (via the magic of texting) with friends and family, and word of mouth to spread the word far and wide as they move through the universe.

The Chillbillies are currently recording their music at a local theater in hopes to have promo copies available at the Sanford Music Festival.  Fans can look forward to a full length album recorded on a Neve console in the coming months.

Their next show is the Sanford Music Festival, where they will appear on the Rabbit Food Records stage at 9:00 p.m.  It’s for sure that no matter where the Cosmic Chillbillies play, listeners will have a great time, and so do they. “We love music and appreciate people who also love music. We’ve been getting a great deal of positive feedback from our listeners.”

Chillbillies fans and new listeners can find out more at


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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Captain Colossal

captaincolossalBack in 2012, three members of Captain Colossal were in a group known as Cherri Ryno.  Although that band broke up, the three continued to make music.  Sean and Kevin continued to make music together and formed Captain Colossal in 2015 with Justin joining them on bass.  In August 2016, Harley joined the band on drums.  With the lineup complete, Kevin was able to add to the band’s unique style by taking over the synthesizer and keyboard instead of switching between drums and guitar.

The band says that “music is a sanctuary away from all the negativity that’s in the world, and often in our daily lives.  It’s comforting being with other musicians, linking together and creating something with our own ideas and influences, then sharing it with others who relate to it as much as we do.”

Captain Colossal delivers a visually energetic and musically dynamic performance, while obviously having a great time sharing and connecting with their audience.

The band released their first self-recorded EP in November 2016.  They have plans to book studio time to record their first full length album in 2017.

They utilize the power of Facebook and Bandcamp as the primary method of promoting their work; but notes that friends, work associations and networking with other bands is a a source for getting the word out too.

After performing at the Sanford Music Festival, they have shows booked in March and April at The Copper Rocket.  They are hard at work on new material, which they expect to be ready to play live by then.

You can find all of their show dates, and links to their music on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages;


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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: JANANI

JANANI is an Alternative Rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band was formed by J Vaidyanathan and Erick Campos in early 2010 and now consists of four members including the original two along with Nathan Hockett and Anthony Aliseo. Four years after the band’s formation, they had their “A-Ha! Moment” and discovered the direction that made sense for the band.  Shortly after, Janani released their hit single “Run (Pick Up the Gun)” which won an Akademia Music Award for Best Alternative Rock single.  In 2015, they competed in the Hard Rock Rising competition and was one of five bands selected to be a Hard Rock Energy Ambassador.  Even more recently, Janani was nominated for the SSA “Band of the Year” Award.

The band states, “music has a special function in our lives that connects us through emotion, association, culture and society. It effortlessly brings us together, because it doesn’t care what you look like, what you have, or where you live. Music is fun and makes people feel good.”

They describe their show as an epic journey of highs and lows with flying dragons and terrible monsters that will make your heart race, your eyes tear, and your feet move. They deliver both technical and harmonically complex sections, along with more mellow and soulful parts. And they aren’t afraid of loud and high-energy choruses either.

Janani primarily uses social media for promotion to connect with fans and let them know what’s going on. They sometimes give away CD’s at shows to let someone know they saw you tapping your foot to their song – and they don’t want you to stop. ” We want people to know that we’re not just there to put on a great show- we’re there to make friends and create a tight-knit music community.”

When asked what’s new with their music; they’re more than happy to announce their new single “First to Fall” is in the works for release in early February.

February 2017 promises to be a super busy month for Janani. After performing at the Sanford Music Festival, they have several parties and film festivals on the schedule, and will finish the month with a show at Uncle Lou’s with The Catalystix on February 26th. “It’s going to be a great month of rock for us, and Uncle Lou’s is the perfect place to end it. Everyone should be there!”

You can find Janani on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Twitter: @MusicByJanani
Instagram: @MusicByJanani

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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Kupid aka “Q”

q-copyEmerging artist, Kupid aka Q, has been performing as a dancer since he was 16 years old.  While he was with a dance group, he would perform at Caribbean pageants, events and different venues. His performances picked up even more when he joined the group, Crossovah; a boy band that was trying to bridge the gap between mainstream and Caribbean. Q did that for 7 years leading him to the stage as a recording artist, and not just a dance performer.

The type of music that Q is bringing to the industry can appeal to almost anyone. He is much more than just another artist hitting the stage with an island hip hop flow, he has created a unique fusion of Hip Hop, Island Pop, Reggae and R&B.  His show exudes a powerful energy, with a touch of island flavor in every note.

Q has a solid following on social media; 15,000 on Facebook, 11,000 on Instagram and another 11,000 on Twitter. Social media is how he spreads the word about his music and upcoming shows.

Q will soon be releasing the single, “Who Shot Ya”, featuring Summit 103 and produced by Troy from Black Shadow Records who also produced Sean Paul’s first record, “Give Me The Light.” People like to compare Q to Reggae artist, Shaggy, because of the cultural background and Lil Wayne because of his sound.

He most recently performed on New Year’s Eve.  It was a show, he says, that everyone could come out and enjoy with good music, a fun time, and a money ball drop at midnight!  Q adds that, “Success to me is not a tangible item, it is a contagious emotion. When you are successful, you are able to provide the people around you with the same power to drive their success. To me success is a responsibility.”

Fans and new listeners can find out more about Q’s music and upcoming shows at:

Instgram Name : Kupid aka Q
YouTube: Kupidofficial
Twitter: kupidofficial
For booking email:
Q Epk 2016:

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