Local Band Launches Unique site!

“It all started with a song we wrote as a birthday present for one of our friends,” Cassandra, songwriter and sax player in the group. 

PFuture-Kid-Sisters-Group (1)aintYouaSong.com, the creative thought child of the band ‘Future Kid Sisters’. On April 14th the band announced their Musical Portrait Project to target the aspect of allowing a consumer  to purchase an original song written/recorded to that exceptional someone in their lives.

Officially launching Friday, May  1st , 2015 with a contest to have a FREE Musical Portrait of their very own!

Future Kid Sisters is a band from the Mills/50 area of Orlando, FL. It is made up of a collection of songwriters and musicians who have collaborated on several Florida music projects over many years. At the core of the band are songwriters, Andrew Weeks, Kevin Bond, and Cassandra Wilcox.

“The musical portrait is our attempt at capturing the essence of an individual in the form of a song,” explains Andrew, songwriter and guitarist in the group.

To keep up to date give the band a follow on: @FKSmusic





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