Mimes of Wine

Roberta+group+2.jpgFormed in 2008 by Italy born singer and pianist Laura Loriga this indie/pop band is ready for their third album release.  With two albums already under this talented international artist; Apocalypse Sets In – Midfinger Records/Warner Chappell, in 2009, and Memories for the Unseen – Urtovox Records, in 2012.

Their new single titled “Birds of a Feather” reflects the sound’s of a tragic yet beautiful symphony of words and melodies. A jazzy spin on coffee shop classics, this band collectively combines lyrical rhythm with sultry vocals and a proficiently accurate band blending everything like a smooth a whiskey.

During the making of this album Laura as well took time to collaborate on different projects with other Italian bands (including Giardini di Miro) and composers for soundtrack work including Leonardo de Bernardini and producer Adam Moseley. Laura has been working with a stable band composed of Stefano Michelotti (nychelharpa, accordion, dan-bau, shruti box and more), Matteo Zucconi (stand-up bass, pedals), Luca Gugliemlino (guitar), and Riccardo Frisari (drums).

Mimes of Wine are preparing to release their third record, La Maison Verte, written byCarlo+Ricci+2 Laura and arranged with the current band.

Their new record will be released by Accidental Muzik  in the US on June 10, 2016 .

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Q&A with ’95 South’

12823396_950517148329002_5107783537451878821_oJacksonville bass duo of Mike Mike (Michael ) and Daddy Black (Carlos ) from Jacksonville, Florida are back and still shooting out consistent hits!

From the band that brought you 1993 hit “Whoot, There It Is” from their debut album Quad City Knock, which reached #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. And in 1997, 95 South made a guest appearance on Aaron Carter’s self-titled debut album for the song “Shake It“.  While keeping the momentum of musical strife in 2000 the group contributed to the soundtrack for the movie Bring It On, with the song “Cheer for Me“.

Now, they are continuing to supple the music world with their generational hip-hop as their new single “Ridin in My Chevy”  was released on April 22, 2016, so I caught up with the guy’s this past weekend as they spoke about their progression in the music realm as well as their favorite Florida venues!

Q&A with Platinum certified music group ‘95 South’.   95 south shoot 266.JPG
How do you think your music has progressed over the years? I think our music has progressed in many ways; First we have matured as writers and performers and we see the world differently. Secondly, we try to bring that across in our music. Last but not least we have started working with diverse group of producers who bring a different feel and energy to our songs.

How would you describe your new tracks?     Our new tracks are fun and full of energy that is relatable to the masses. We pride ourselves on making great party music and we’re going to continue to do that as long as we can.
What artist would you say still inspires you?  There are many on this list, but would say Ice Cube, Rakim, Run DMC, Michael Jackson, and Outkast.

Being a Florida natives what venues do you favor? As a Florida native we love outside venues, festivals, amusement parks, car shows, and the occasional Club but any packed venue will rock out for us! We love to entertain crowds and get them moving!





Disclaimer – Use of 95South’s Logo and Picture(attached) is for OrlandoBands.com only in regards to the interview(2016) for print and online promotions during run. 


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Night School~from GRAVEFACE Records

nightschool_blushThis Oakland  trio is fronted by Alexandra Morte (formerly of Whirr and Camera Shy). And now these talented lady’s are welcoming their first full-length release.

I have to admit they really seem to have a large span of influences when you’re listening to the tracks, they really fall into a variety of genres. From indie rock, folk and pop.

How did they form ‘Night School’? Well apparently Alexandra and Baylie  met in the spring of 2013, the two bandmates began to work on their debut EP Heart Beat, recording it in the spring of 2014. After the recording of Heart Beat, Baylie’s friend Cheyenne Avant completed the band playing bass. This EP was released in October of 2014 following a split EP with fellow label mates Dott entitled Carousel. tumblr_nrcigwXT6c1ql4vkno3_1280

Their sound seems to easily fuse the 60’s sound and the mid 90’s culture seamlessly. I would definitely recommend this band if you have Weezer, The Crystals, Pixies or Ben Folds Five on your playlist, then you will absolutely be hooked on ‘Night School’.

The band is currently on a North American Tour with Casket Girls & Stardeath, as well as and White Dwarfs (on various dates). http://www.noisyghostpr.com/tour/

Keep up with the band by giving Noisy Ghost PR a FB like! https://www.facebook.com/NoisyGhostPR



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Show Announcement “Waking Up Tour”

unnamedX-Factor has brought us numerous talented (and memorable ) contestants throughout the years. Today of course I am referencing the 2012 Sequim, WA  band Comprised of brothers Wesley (22) and Keaton Stromberg (19), and long-time friend Drew Chadwick (23) which formed the pop/rock group Emlem3, capturing the viewers attention when they Performed their original song, “Sunset Boulevard”.

The band quickly went on to reach 400,000 copies of their single, “Chloe (You’re the One I Want).

With their musical style blending  R&B, So-Cal Rock , Hip-Hop and pop they are definitely the feel good Summer soundtrack .

“Music is for meditation, it’s the only pure form of communication.”

The band will be making an anticipated stop at House of Blues Orlando along with The Ready Set on June, 3rd 2016.

Tickets are on sale now, and the concert will be all ages.


Enjoy the show!


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Say Hello to: ‘Juliana Wilson’

At first listen the vocals sound like they are driven by years of life lessons twisted with a sarcastic outlook on a sometimes pessimistic world. Instead, this talented vocalist is the 13 year old Juliana Wilson (Yes, 13 year’s old!) who was unearthed in November 2014 by the Brooklyn-based producer and artist development specialist Matty Amendola at 825 Records .
d559fc_e91111e581db4b6c96834de739003a8eThis indie/pop artist has a true identity in the music world and already showcases a long lasting talent way beyond her years.
  Juliana has the creativity similar to Ingrid Michaelson,   the vocal power of Christina Perri with the bite of  Hayley Williams from Paramore.
   I caught up with the emerging young lady this past weekend to talk about her debut track “blah, blah blah“, what has inspired her and of course where she sees her self in 10 years (by the way that would make her 23, feel old yet?)
When did you first become interested in music?
I can’t even remember a time where I didn’t relate to music in a powerful way. It didn’t matter if I were just listening or singing, playing the cello, or ukulele. It affects me in ways I can’t describe. Making music professionally quickly became a dream of mine, and I’m not sure what I’d do without it in my life. 
Where do you find the biggest inspirations?
I can find inspiration anywhere. No matter big or small, I try to take something from it. I once wrote an entire speech on hair and the word “unlockable” after getting my hair caught in a door. 
How would you describe your sound in two words? d559fc_73e153b9a76342628e882bc53f2c322c
Bright and gloomy. They should contradict each other but working with producer Matty Amendola has made them complimentary.  There are a lot of highs and lows in my music and sometimes in the same song or even in the same line. It’s dynamic. Like life… 
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
On stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people just doing what I love. I know I’m young, and I have a long road ahead of me, but I’m ultimately reaching for the stars. I couldn’t sit still if I weren’t. 
Do you have a favorite song/track you have worked on so far?
I love what we think is our title track so far: “Blah Blah Blah.” It was written by Matty Amendola and Helen Austin. I don’t think it sounds like anything else, and it was the most fun to record. I was able to be so snide about the vocal performance. It’s also full of sarcasm. Which is so not one of my favorite forms of expression… See what I did there? 
I’d like to invite everyone reading this to go to julianawilson.com and subscribe to my newsletter. For every 100 likes I receive on Facebook, we’ll be posting an un-released song for 24 hours! As a subscriber on my website, you’ll also be the first to know about anything and everything related to what I’m doing and what’s in store. Thanks, OrlandoBands!
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‘We Are Forever’ @ the Backbooth

11083889_805461616157383_3353936513009351516_nThis Pop Alternative/Rock band was formed in December 2010 out of the Indianapolis area. With band members; Aren(singer), Alex (bass/singer), Ricky (guitarist/vocals), Chris (lead guitarist), and Alex “Peewee” (drums) they released their first Demo in November of 2011. And soon after In June of 2012, they released their first album, “Seasons” while still on tour.

You may be most familiar with their  cover of “Lights”, by Ellie Goulding in December 2012, which that cover went on to receive over 40,000 views!

The band’s most current album “Aeon” was released on August, 18th 2015. Truly putting their imprint onto the music world with the tracks on this album,  showing how this band have become both creatively talented and seasoned musicians.

Now, the guys of ‘We Are Forever’ will be performing live at the BackBooth on Friday May, 6th 2016, along with great acts including An Honest Year, This is All Now, Best Kept Secret and Beneath the Spin Light.

Get you tickets now: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1120387/tfly? CgC7LSkWsAAw_tgutm_medium=api&utm_medium=459899

See you there,



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G. Love & Special Sauce

img_left.pngThe never ending party of music continues to keep people coming to join in since ‘1993’.

These cool indie tracks they deliver is like a smooth drink that’s salty, sweet with a hint of spice. You would never imagine the sounds they use collaborating so easily together as though they know how to use these genres perfectly.

If for some reason you have been living under a rock or an Amish existence (I apologize if that is the case) you have probably already heard of G. Love.

Fusing smooth jazz, blues, soul along with hip-hop to create unforgettable records. Their newest Release went live in 2015 “Loves Saves The Day” which is a reconstituted version of their original lineup featuring guitarist/vocalist G. Love aka Garrett Dutton, drummer Jeffrey Clemens, and bassist Jim Prescott, who returned in 2014 after a five-year hiatus.                      

They really get nostalgic with this record as they flirt with rap, rock, blues and hip-hop. Yet they still seem to easily slip from one track to the next. 12328514_1295404873808200_1146052651_n
So for all of you just coming to the G. Love side of things their sound is truly a diverse one, and if you enjoy Dave Mathews Band, The Black Keys, Jack Johnson and Slightly Stoopid then you will clearly enjoy G. Love & Special Sauce!.

The Philadelphia band will be  in Orlando while on tour next week (April 7th) at The Social, don’t miss it!

Get your Tickets now ( the show is 18+)The Social: http://www.thesocial.org/event/420157-g-love-special-sauce-Orlando/

G. Love & Special Sauce:                                                                                                 http://philadelphonic.com/



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