Riley Flood

This California Native has been playing since the age of 14 and is now releasing his first solo project since his band Nylon Lyonn went their separate ways.

 22e5d9_62a01232bccb43b28215481fc79f21fd-mv2_d_4851_3234_s_4_2-837x520Riley Flood  is a cool combination of indie/ Contemporary rock with a good dose of psychedelic rock influences.

Before diving into this solo project Riley  played many different musical rolls  including vocals, guitar, bass, and keys, all while developing his songwriting style , which prepared him to make this new solo EP ‘Phases‘.

  Riley is definitely playing with the old ways of  Psychedelic Rock and blending it nicely with a modern indie vibe.

I highly recommend giving this muti-talented artist a listen. 



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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: ArythmiA

arrythmia-copyArrythmiA began as one man’s idea. With the addition of a bassist/keyboardist and drummer, the project has evolved into what it is today: A progressive three-piece rock band, featuring synthetic elements and multimedia samples.

When asked how music affects the world;  “Music is the ultimate expression of both ideas and emotions, and we use it to help convey our message to the world.”

ArrythmiA’s music is an exciting mix of aggressive political rants, thematic alien encounters, driving commentary on society, and spacey paranoid introspection. We have an in-your-face, multimedia show, that we continually take to the next level.

They are currently in the process of recording a new CD and expect to have a release date within the next few months.  Stay tuned for details on the CD release party and other upcoming shows.

Keep up to date with ArrythmiA on:

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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Electric Shrine

electricshrineOne wedding, four friends and a phone call is what it took to bring together the Members of Electric Shrine.  In early 2016, Chris Angleberger (formerly of Tranquilizer) on guitars, his wife Bhren – vocals, and Josh Henry (formerly of Familiar Sin and Confused Little Girl) on drums, were writing and putting together what would become the foundation for the band.   Josh called upon his friend Stone, a former bass player in Familiar Sin, to come to the rehearsal room and see how things would fit.

After a few months of woodshedding and finding their groove, Electric Shrine was ready to get in front of a crowd and bring rock and roll back to Central Florida.  They emphatically state that Electric Shrine is NOT a metal Band, NOT a hard rock band, just a good old fashioned ROCK AND ROLL band poised and ready to take every stage by storm. The band’s primary mission is to give their listeners a good time.  If you are a fan of loud guitars, driving bass, pounding drums and UN-compromising vocals, you will become a fan of Electric Shrine.

Aside from the Sanford Music Festival, the band has not booked many show dates for the year yet.  They are focused on entering the studio early in 2017, and add live shows later in the year.

You can find out more about Electric Shrine at:

Twitter – #Electricshrine1

Gmail –

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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: “K”

kayland-copyK started singing around the age of 3.   She performed in talent shows and plays all throughout grade school.  But, it wasn’t until she moved to Orlando to attend college that she decided to really begin pursuing music professionally.   K says that for these past two years, she has been discovering herself as an artist and connecting/collaborating with other artists in Orlando and South Florida.   This has all led to the conception of her first project, an EP entitled: “Purple Hues“, which is set for release on most music streaming sites this month.

In K’s own words; “Music allows me to lose myself and find myself at the same time. It literally offers me freedom, whether I’m listening to it or creating it. I feel like music does the same thing for people around the world too; it allows them to “escape” while at the same time connecting them so intensely with their present moment. Music is healing. “

Her show always starts out with a very mellow vibe.  Setting the mood by giving the crowd lots of soulful energy to create a genuine connection; and then sweeping them off to another dimension of high energy and dance.  K aims to make every show an experience; making the crowd feel what she is feeling and vice versa.

Her next show is January 22nd at SpeakEZ in Fort Lauderdale, and then on to the Sanford Music Festival.

On January 31st; via Instagram K will announce the release date of her first single “Let You Do This” .  You can find out more about K on Facebook at


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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Doc Ellis Orchestra

doc_ellisDoc Ellis Orchestra formed in the summer of 2011 to perform a benefit show as a gift for guitarist/singer/songwriter Ray Krugh’s one year old daughter. Apparently some kind of special magic happened during what was meant to be a one-time performance.  Six years later DEO has established a loyal fan base and a catalog of original music that will continue to draw in new fans and listeners.

Much of Doc Ellis Orchestra’s material stems from real people in real personal situations. This intimate aspect of their music allows the band to perform the songs with raw intensity and sincerity.

The band’s number one interest is to record great soulful music that remains in the ears, minds, and hearts of the people who love it most; the D-E-O Fans!

After the Sanford Music Festival, they will be back at the West End Trading Company on February 24th, opening for Drivin’ N Cryin’.  Keep an eye out for the release of a live video and audio CD from DEO in the very near future.

Connect with Doc Ellis Orchestra at:;;


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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Joel Tyler

joel-tyler-copyOriginally from Michigan, Joel Tyler moved to central Florida a few years ago, and for the past year has been playing shows in the area as a solo acoustic artist.

Joel says that; “Music is an internal motivator. It affects me more than a lot of things in life. Music pushes me, humbles me, and moves me. I love being involved in my own art and seeing how is it’s subjected to interpretation.”

His acoustic show is raw, vulnerable and very honest.  He says he is still stretching his abilities and will most likely will be changing and evolving over time.  Joel is influenced by many different types of music and they spill out in the lyrics and inflections of his songs.

Joel is described as an acoustic, indie-pop singer and musician; but, Joel says that the future is a crazy place and he is not particularly set on writing and playing just one style of music.  It’s a safe bet that there will be collaborations and a full band “coming around the mountain when she comes”.

He will be on tour in March and will be playing a lot of new material including songs from the EP.  Playing mostly in small venues that he feels are good places for music to grow and people to connect with the songs and each other.   Be on the lookout for his  soon to be released solo acoustic EP entitled “Arms Are Meant for Holding”.

Fans and new listeners can find out more about Joel Tyler at: (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter) (YouTube)

jmoney2408 (Snapchat)


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Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: Lynne Gibson & Beth Black Acoustic Duo

lynnegibson-photoBeth Black’s current collaboration with Lynne Gibson began in September 2016.  They have similar backgrounds in music from Jazz, Blues, Country, Americana and Rock.  Since they both enjoy music from a wide variety of backgrounds it is not uncommon for fellow musician friends to sit in.  Over time they have found a good blend with two other local musicians, Carol Ford Keck on harp, and Tracey Gibbs on percussion, and they are having a blast!  Thus, the creation of the “& Then There Were 4.” band.

Lynne says that “music expresses what can’t be said by words alone, it brings people together, takes us to another place and transcends everyday life.”

This is a duo and 4 person band formed by seasoned musicians that just happen to be women who know how to rock.  These ladies can groove and solo with the best of ‘em!

Fans often comment that “& Then There Were 4” is a unique blend of musical styles and talent, and are surprised by the variety of their set list.  It’s not uncommon for folks to get so into their performance that they stay through all four sets. 

 Lynne is currently in the studio working on an EP targeted for release in August 2017.  In the meantime, you can check them out at the Sanford Music Festival, and or

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