Talking to ‘FlyLeaf’


 With EarthDay Birthday 22 fast approaching I spoke with first time event performers ‘FlyLeaf’. This texas based platinum alternative rock band has made a memorable name for themselves in the face of the rock world.  Coming together in 2000 originally including lead vocalist Lacey Sturm, guitarists Jared Hartmann, Sameer Bhattacharya, drummer James Culpepper and bassist Pat Seals. With the latest modificaion to the band being the transition of lead Vocalist Lacey who stepped down as Flyleaf-Press-Photo-2-700x466lead vocalist from the band in 2012 leading to Kristen May taking a new position in Flyleaf as the current lead vocalist, who is making the FlyLeaf name proud by being part of the Revolver Hottest Chicks Tour Headliners!

What Can fans expect on the Revolver Tour? “A really fun night, great music and 

revolverhottestwe have some really awesome bands with us. So Yeah, a really high-energy night!”

This is some something I was very interested to know about, you used Pledgemusic, How did that change the Overall experience with this recent album? ” Getting the Fans involved, which was really a great experience, and something brand new, from the studio to the record it was different because if you pledgd this you may get Kristen performing a track, if you Pledge this you could get a studio Q&A, so it made it very exciting!”

How has the dynamic changed with the transition of a lead vocalist? “Re-energized!, Re-Vitalized!”

How do you write Lrics is it more of a solo effort or a collaboration?
“It is definitly more of a Collaboration, I mean if one of us is working on a song we can all chime in and we’re all really
a part of everything. There is a lot of spontaneity, So we are a part of all are music.”

Do you have a favorite song to perform live? “Oh yeah, Head Underwater, is probably the most fun to perform live. it’s actually written about my experience, I had alot of encounteres with bullying growing up being a small kid so this song is really about rising above it.!”

How do you feel about being part of EarthDay Birthday 22? “Awesome! yeah, I think this is our first time performing and we’re really excited. Its sound’s fun! It’s a really good day to Celebrate!”

61MfGxmkEiL._SL500_AA280_Is there anything you would like to tell our Central Fl Reader’s? “Yeah, check out our new album ‘ Between the Stars’. And our fans were such a huge part of this album and we really have them to thank so much and are so greatful to all of our Fans, we would not be doing what we are without them.”


Can’t wait to see all of you Performing at Earthday Birthday 22!

Catch up on the band at:

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Rockus Maximus Winners 2015!

10998699_10152752949493253_1195402110_oS.S HANAMI  taking the first place spot at this year’s ‘Rockus Maximus 18: Battle  of the Bands! Fan Voted  and music dominated.

The band is based out of Cape Canaveral Florida this J-Rock band is inspired by anime and the Visual Kei movement from Japan, S.S HANAMI. Coming together in 2009 from the the Japanese word for “cherry-blossom viewing”.

Rockus Maximus was founded by Pasco County library and has grown in prominient size each and every year since. BoBsiteheadernew

Now leaving  band members; Robert, Nat, James and Andrew taking home bragging rights and $3,500 in recording FINAL-CAST-JPEGtime.

You can see the band performing live on April 24th at the Florida Anime Experience!  And To get the latest band updates give them a follow at

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Emily Hearn: hits The Social April 16th

Thisimages 24 year-old indie starlet was featured just a few weeks prior as an american singer-songwriter Emily Hearn back with her new album ‘Hourglass’ which came out March 10th that Followed her 2012 record ‘Paper heart’.

She will be hitting The Social along with Tyrone Wells on April 16thFB_IMG_1427851690112 supporting the band promoting her new record. I spoke to this creative talent this past weekend about touring, writing, even snacking!

How do you feel about touring with the Tyrone Wells?

I love it! This is my longest tour yet, and we’re getting to play in several cities that I’ve never even been to. Tyrone and his band are so nice, and I’ve been having a blast playing with them!

Have you always been writing your own material or is that something you just picked up more recently?

I’ve always written all my own music. For my last EP, “Promises” I experimented with some co-writing with a few guys that I hadn’t met before, which really fun! But for this album I decided to write the whole thing with my husband Michael. We did end up co-writing 3 of the 12 songs with a couple of friends of ours, but for the most part we wrote it alone. My new album Hourglass is out now!

Growing up what artist would you say influenced you the most as an adult?

Probably James Taylor. I’ve always been so inspired by his voice and his songs.

What’s your favorite thing to binge on (junk food) while on the road?

Michael and I always try to find the best donut place in each city. It’s our favorite junk food and a fun little hobby. My favorite so far has been the Doughnut Plant in New York City.

Do you have a track off this record you are most proud of (I know that’s kinda of like choosing a favorite child:D)?

I think that my favorite song off the new record is “The Oak Tree.” It’s all about growing up and trying to figure out where you’re supposed to go from here.

Is there any one thing you would like to tell our Orlando readers?

I’ve never played a show in Orlando before, but I have several dear friends and family members from the area and I’m so excited to be there for the first time! What a lovely, sunny, city — I’m thrilled!

Emily’s past feature:


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Bloody Jug Band! New album April 13th

FB_IMG_1427772428748Drawing a musical genre  from the raw saw edges of Blues and Rock n’ Roll. Influenced by the historic Jug bands of the 20’s and 30’s with a rough and tumble bloody twist.

After six years band member’s: John Theisen, Stormy Jean Casselman, Jerm Duffy, Brian Blodgett, Rick Lane, Dakota Butts and Seth Ambler are getting prepared to release their 2nd Full Length Album ‘Rope Burn’ produced by Famed Orlando Producer, Justin Beckler.

Premiering their new record on April 3rd at Venue 578, BJB will be Sharing the stageFB_IMG_1427772087856 with 4-time Grammy Winner, Trae Pierce, and his band, Trae Pierce & T-Stone, who are taking a break from their regular gig at BB Kings. And opening up the night will be local favorite, Lauren Carder & Multiple Me.

This is a rock hard event Not to be Missed, and an album you’ll have to add to your collection. Those classic rock lovers with a thick country punch will be addited to the Bloody Jug Band!

While the Albums official release to the public is on April 13th.

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Burnos: Syndrome of Decay

Spring has bloomed and brought with it some kick-ass music, So take out those

image001blasted earbuds because we are introducing new music from BURNOS’ Syndrome of Decay!

Their previous released single ‘Warship’ already caught a hold of the SXM Octane’s top 15 Countown in May of 2014 and soon following lead singer Melissa Burnos was  prominently featured during ‘Women Who Rock week’.

And adding to their Skyrocketing momentum the song ‘Warship’ was used as Texas Ranger, Chris Gimenez as his walkout song!

The band Consit of rockers Melissa Burnos -on Lead Vocals, Eric Friedman on Guitars, and Garrett Whitlock on Drums and  produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (behind Alter Bridge and Chevelle). And recently CBS Miami featured vocalist (Melissa) as ‘one of the Best Rising Stars of South Florida’!

Check out the new track from BURNOS and keep up to date with when and where you can see them live!

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Kerchief: New single 03/24/15

d559fc_757bf935020f4c5a806e5ca4814f6c92_jpg_srz_158_145_85_22_0_50_1_20_0We have some much deserved Extra Exposure to show to the talented Brittany Hill Vocalist for the new project ‘Kerchief’! FB_IMG_1426562383199Created when she departed from the band Vanity Theft for a fresh, fist-pumping sound with an alternative/rock 90’s influence. The first single ‘Milk & Honey’ will be conquering the airwaves starting March 24th off of the full length album ‘ Machine and Animals’  coming later this spring.

This past weekend I spoke to Kerchief (Brittany) about her new solo project, indie sound and what we can look forward to with this new record!         Kerchief cover ill

What was it that first really influenced you to chase your musical dream?

When I started learning to play the guitar at 16, I always pictured myself playing in front of people and making them feel the way I did when I listened to my favorite bands. Somewhere between that and seeing Brand New (my favorite band) live for the first time in high school, I knew I could never look back.

What would you say is different with a solo project than a band?

There are two sides to the coin here. On the one hand there is no one to share the pressure with when things start to feel heavy, or to make the hard decisions with; like I did when I was in a band with my best friends (Vanity Theft). On the other hand, I get the privilege of calling all the shots and working at whatever pace I like. I’m the only one who can slow me down and that’s not happening anytime soon.

How would you say your sound has changed for this new record?

I’ve definitely matured naturally as both a guitarist and singer. I’ve also had more life experience which made me a better songwriter. I think this album will show that growth and maturity in comparison to what i’ve done up to this point.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your lyrics in this new project?

My girlfriend, being broke, working shitty jobs, anxiety, hope, Jack London, determination and desperately wanting to catapult into that future that I know is waiting for me. Too much? (haha)

How would you describe your sound to our reader’s?

Indie Alternative rock with pop sensibility

If you could collaborate with one Chart topper right now who would it be?

I have to pick just one? Hmm…Calvin Harris. If that’s not obvious enough, Drake. Preferably both.

Is there anything you would really like to tell our reader’s?

Please keep giving new music a chance. Pick up my single “Milk & Honey,” and keep an eye out for my debut LP “Machines and Animals.” Last but not least; go to a show. Not just mine… but go to more shows in general. Life is so much better with live music.

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Emily Hearn’s Follow-up ‘Hourglass’

mandipaige (1)24 year-old american singer-songwriter Emily Hearn is back with her new album ‘Hourglass’ out March 10th. Following her 2012 record ‘Paper heart’ with 6E340094-F7ED-4202-A5E6-67A49645A831highlighted track ‘rooftop’  with an accompany video that had featured a dancing, drum-playing Bill Murray!

If I had to give her sound a genre…hmm I would say pop/folk charming, yes that is what I meant! She portrays such an untouched creative beauty in her music, showcased in her single ‘Volcano’ the melchancoly melody of a slow cooling relationship.

Hourglass was  produced by Chad Copelin, behind  Christina Perri, Ben Rector and Green River Ordinance. This album reflects a charming attitude, a very ‘touch & feel’ type sound. Emily says the album consist of nearly two years of conversation, inspirations, and many defining moments that came together to make this record.

Emily Is Currently On Tour with Throne Wells which will be making their stop in Orlando on April 16th @ The Social!

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