‘The Spill Canvas’ returns to ORLANDO!!

fb_img_1480214301689For those of you that aren’t millienials or had Motion City Soundtrack on your MP3 Player at one point (yeah, I feel old too) then maybe you dont recall these guy`s.

The Spill Canvas origiated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota back in 2002, showing up to give us a new taste of indie/alternative rock. Started as a simple side project for lead vocalist Nick but of course his project soon grew into something bigger and on August 20th 2004 the band released their first full legnth and widespread album titled “Sunsets and Car Crashes” by 111 Records.

In 2007 the band played the entire Summer Warped Tour promoting the upcoming release of their third album “No Really, I`m Fine”, which gave their song ‘All Over You` a massive following. This album was (in my opinon) a career changer for the band as the guest on the record added a new twist of flavor to their sound with Anthony Green of Circa Survive and Andrew Mchahon of Jacks Mannequinfb_img_1480214397721

Touring with some of the biggest acts in 2008 and 2009 including One Republic, Augustana, You Me at Six and Emarosa.

Now the band has headed out on a `RequesTour`, which allows th fans to vote for their favorite songs to be played at each show!

So Don’t miss the guy’s when they stop in Orlando on December, 17th at the Backbooth!

For ticket info visit: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/mobile/index/1277483?utm_medium=api&skinName=tfly

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Racing Heart’s, sophomore LP

racingheart_whatcomesafter_coverartRacing Heart was a project formed in Brooklyn in 2010, Shortly two years later ‘Walk Beside that Ghostwas released on Movemountains Records. An insprired look inwards with a truly folk attitude.

This second album (now from from Misra Records), really shoots for a Political viewpoint with the tracks,Flogging a Dead Horse”, solutions in the aftermath of The Great Recession, “A Prayer from Our Leaders” a visit to the power players of society, and Squaring the Circle  reports from the front lines of our endless conflicts with no clear enemies. With the 11 tracks on this new record, they seem to be trying to make sense of our neoliberalism in society where money is the first priority.

This record was Produced by Hanne Hukkelberg and music by Mathias H. Tjønn AKA Racing Heart. ‘What Comes Next’ is racingheart_photo1byketilblom_300dpimuch different than the first selection of track that Racing Heart offered in their first album, looking outwards and trading their folk-based sound for something more synthesized. \

To take a listen, check out the Band’s SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/misrarecords/racing-heart-squaring-the-circle?mc_cid=b681582876&mc_eid=08d48f7598


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No Nets: Release of “Bright Light”

untitledThe band’s Sophmore LP is set to be released On October 21st 2016!

This is the result of a group of punk-rockers from Brooklyn. Oddly enough they came together from a  electronic drum kit in their Brooklyn closet. So in 2013 Sal Mastrocola, John O’Neill, Walter Shock, and Dave Hauenstein formed the indie/punk sound ‘No Nets’.
No Nets’ first album, Affable & Ready for Small Talk was featured in Earmilk, blAbsolutePunk, The Deli, and NeatBeet and was one of Under The Gun Review’s “Best Releases You Might Have Missed from the First Half of 2014.”

Off their newest LP the band cleverly blends vintage indie rock and adult contemporary rock with a hint of classic emo-punk, that us 90’s kids grew to still crave with the 9 tracks off “Bright Light”.

You definitely need to Stay up to date on everything ‘No Nets’, this is a band to put on your playlist!

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Caustic Casanova

The Heavy rock sound that is ‘Caustic Casanova’ out of Washington D.C has embark on an enormous North American tour for this Summer/Fall. After the release of Someday You Will Be Proven Correct and a 2012 SXSW tour, then a transition from the group’s original guitarist they have gained consistent momentum in popularity…
Keep reading for our Full Q&A with the band!
Being a heavy rock trio do you ever want to define yourself differently, describe your sound in other words?
We usually say we are a heavy, eclectic rock trio with many, many different influences ranging from psychedelic rock, sludge, progressive rock, punk, and even blues. I think our Facebook says something like progressive psychedelic sludge space punk. The common thread running through all of our songs is heaviness and distortion, but there’s a lot packed into our sound so it’s hard to categorize. Someone called us heavy metal B-52’s a couple days ago. We think that’s pretty rad!
How long have you all been apart of this group?
Francis and I have been playing together since the inception of Caustic Casanova in 2005 at The College of William and Mary. Andrew joined the band about three and a half years ago, after our original guitar player left the band. 
Where did “Caustic Casanova” come from, who came up with that title?
Francis and the original guitar player named the band Caustic Casanova after a particularly smooth talking guy that lived in their college freshman hall. You could say he was a caustic Casanova.  We are all alliteration enthusiasts so we thought it sounded cool too. 
Now, all of you are embarking on a pretty large tour, how do you prepare for a tour this large?
So many things go into planning a tour this large that it’s hard to know where to start with this question. The most important thing is making sure all the loose ends from booking the shows themselves are tied up – bills are confirmed, advance info is sent, we know when to load in, etc. Once we are on the road with limited computer time it’s much more difficult to get things that require planning done so we try to get as much of that done beforehand as possible. Stef handles our Couchsurfing.com account so she finds us places to stay a month or so in advance in cities where we don’t have friends or family. We have to make sure we bring enough merch, like vinyl, CDs and shirts with us, so we take inventory and order more if we need to. We always make pbj sandwiches and bring other snacks and tons of water in a cooler with us. We also do instrument inventory and make sure we have enough back up cables, drum heads, guitar picks, amp tubes, etc just in case we need to replace something and can’t find a music store (this has already come in handy multiple times on this tour). We insured all of our equipment this year before we left. There are many other little things we have to do, like sending out regional emails to our mailing list subscribers letting them know when we’ll be playing their town and constantly updating our social media accounts, that are equally as important too. All in all, it’s many months of hard work doing it DIY like this, but we love touring so we are happy to do it and it’s all worth it in the end. 
Do you have a particular city/venue you’re more excited to perform at than the rest?
We all really love the southwestern part of the country, especially Arizona and New Mexico so we are excited for our shows out there. Those are some of the most beautiful drives. In terms of a specific venue I think we are all really looking forward to playing in Tampa, FL at New World Brewery again. It’s an awesome venue with a great beer selection and we made some good friends last time. 
If you could jump on any tour  now with any touring artist, who would it be?
Queens of the Stone Age or Melvins – equal parts amazing music and goofy personalities. It would be awesome to see them perform every night and then make silly videos with them. 
Is there anything else you would like to tell our Orlando Reader’s?
Come to our show at Will’s Pub on Thursday, September 15th and say hi! 
To find out more on the band and/our dates: http://causticcasanova.com/caustic-casanova-is/
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Introducing: ‘The 502s’

Orlando Native’s ‘The 502s’ are hosting their CD release party this weekend (August, 14th) at Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub in Winter Park. After being selected to perform at the Okeechobee Music Festival in March with headliners, Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, and Kendrick Lamar, they received such a large response to their Folk sound that the band has recorded their first EP.  With the band’s upbeat Folk, indie/pop sound you will clearly be a fan if you Have ‘Lumineers‘or ‘Of Monster’s and Men’ on your playlist.

Check out are chat with band this past week:Cover_The502s.png

How would you describe your musical styling?

We are a mixture of the energy of early Mumford and Sons, crossed with the DIY attitude of The Lumineers and the communal, heartfelt tunes of The Head and the Heart. We’ve got kick drum, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, accordion, trumpet and a lot of energy on stage.


When did all of you decide to come together for this project?

We were fortunate enough to win a big competition and play at Okeechobee Music Festival in March, and at that time we had a lot of original songs that we not only played live, but that also got great crowd reception. At OMF people who saw us would ask where they could find our music, and we kind of reluctantly had to tell them we didn’t have anything recorded yet. We realized it was hard for people to follow us without some music online, so the week after the festival we sat down, picked the four songs we thought were our best, and went into the studio. It felt like the next, natural step for us.


Who are your biggest musical influences?  E&J Picture

Our biggest musical influences by far have been Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. Our music blends the styles of those two so that it’s familiar yet different at the same time. The “different” part of of that blend comes from other artists who we listen to constantly. We particularly love artists on Communion Records of London, and Bear’s Den and Ben Howard have been huge influences – Bear’s Den especially early on for us. More recently The Avett Brothers, The Oh Hellos, and The Head and The Heart have been on repeat for us.


Do you have a favorite track that you’ve recorded?

Far and away the favorite track to actually record in studio was Hi There, Hello. There were points during that process were all four of us were standing around a mic, they’d hit record, and we just were hooting and hollering, yelling out random things that would go into the background of the song to give it a communal feel. It was incredibly fun to just riff off of each other like that. It was just as fun to get to listen to each take and hear how absurd we were being as well. Trackwise, our favorite song on the EP is The Sea Song. The intro to the song is very powerful and easy to get into, and we love the trumpet part.


Are the lyrics an Individual or more of a collaborate effort?

The lyrics are an individual effort. Ed writes the lyrics, but in a very roundabout way. The music to our songs is always written first, even if it’s just a simple chord structure on a guitar. Then Ed will play the music repeatedly until he comes up with a melody. After that he’ll come up with lyrics and words that flow well in the melody, with inspiration coming from tons of different places. If Ed is ever stuck on what to write, one thing he likes to do is randomly pick words out of books, especially Hemingway novels, and then weave a story for the song around those words.


Is there anything you would like to tell our Orlando Reader’s?

We’re very proud to be from Orlando and to be doing our EP release here. Come out to Fiddler’s on August 14th 5PM, it will be a great evening!

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No One Mind ~ debut LP

nomThird Uncle Records, presents the debut LP from ‘No One Mind’, Celebrating the new release during Hopscotch Fest in Raleigh on September, 9th.

Coming from the deconstruction of two musical project’s ; The Love Language and Birds of Avalon. They set out to give a voice to the emotional ends of their last musical endeavors. Playing with the theme of betrayal thoroughly in this LP.

Ellis Anderson, Noah Dehmer and Missy Thangs began the ‘No One Mind’ project after leaving their previous band’s and coming together for one musical solution. They added to the mix, Sam Logan and Joel Willis, creating a mix of pop structure and classic rock sounds on this full-length LP.

The band is releasing the first single “Tomorrow” off of their LP very soon! So stay alert on all the band’s new music updates by liking Noisy Ghost PR: https://www.facebook.com/NoisyGhostPR/?fref=ts 


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Brother Hawk: Hitting Orlando August 5th!

_DS_9683 (1).jpgThe Southern Rock (blues infused) Atlanta based band consisting of guitarist-vocalist J.B Brisendine, bassist James Fedigan, keyboardist/organist Nick Johns and drummer JC Bartlebaugh, Is heading to Orlando with their (Original, but surprisingly Classsic) Rock collection.
We caught up with vocalist  J.B Brisendine this past week on the history of ‘Brother Hawk’ to their new album.
How long did you work on this new album? In a sense, we’ve been working on it for the past five years, writing and perfecting these songs. But we tracked it all in about 4 days at The Quarry in Kennesaw, GA       
Are the Lyrics an individual or collaborative effort? Individual. I write all the lyrics, except for “Big Medicine” which I wrote with my older brother way back in 2007.
In a music world with So many bands/artist what do you think makes ‘Brother Hawk’ stand apart from the rest? That’s hard for me to personally say, but the main thing is us. The music we create can only come from the four of us in a room together. 
How would you describe your musical style? Raw and natural. We play whatever comes naturally to us, we try not to force or even over polish anything. brother hawk
When did you first start working together in this group/band? 2010. James and I had been trying to get a band going for a few years, but Nick was a busy man and it took some convincing. Once we jammed together for the first time we knew we had something special. 
Is there anything else you would like to tell our Orlando reader’s? That we love your city! We’ve never had a bad time there and can’t wait to come back! 
Catch ‘Brother Hawk’ Live @ Will’s Pub on August, 5th. Show is just $10 for General Admission (21+), Don’t miss it!
For advanced ticket purchase: Brother Hawk tickets
For more info on the band check out the FB page: http://www.Facebook.com/BrotherHawkATL
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