Mike Bloomer: Creative Vault

10690199_908246199188162_5900948704955977413_nThe amount of pure raw creativity that flows out of this album is absolutly stunning. Don’t be fooled by a classical genre label, The talented Mike Boomer has over 30 years experience and is putting that knowledge to good use in this album. Spreading his career know-how as a teacher of musical education to children and adults as well.

Working as a professional soloist and with music groups, his live performance instrument includes the Cello, bass and guitar.

With the production of his new album “Creative Vault” he has easily communicated a diverse quality of  styles from rock to jazz. Don’t let the classical mask worry you this fella can still rock!

The album was engineered by Chris Baranyi Sound and if you would like to hear a sample of these unique tracks for yourself visit his site @ http://www.MikeBloomer.com !





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Q&A with LIMI

mandipaige (1)This international singer/songwriter has hit the States with her first single in two years… “Boss”!

Born to a pianist in Serbia, LIMI had a beautiful passion for music as a child. She became noticed by the music industry at the early age of 15 and Within 2 years she released a music video for “We are who we are”

image002Currently living in the U.S, she is studying Music Business as well as for tthe past year working on her current musical project. So last weekend I  spoke to this talented young woman about her music, her sound and what it’s like working in the US vs Europe!

What was it that first really influenced you to chase your musical dream?

I always knew that I wanted to be an artist. It has been my dream since I was 5 years old. Everyone simply thought of it as just one of those childish fantasies and that it would eventually go away, but it never did. I live for music.


Coming to the states what would you say was the biggest change for you?

The U.S. and Europe are totally different! But I adjusted quickly. Europe is so compact, while the U.S. is all about space. Also, in Europe you don’t need a car to get anywhere if you live in the city. But here, you can’t even buy a pack of gum without a car. 

But one of the most exciting changes for me would be that now I am able to see VEVO’s website. I know it sounds funny, but I could not even see my own artist page before, because VEVO is not available in Serbia. 

Have you found more musical inspiration since being in the states?

I have always been a huge fan of American culture. I have always looked up to artists who were big stars in the US and worldwide, and dreamed about being in that world. But now that I live here, I find so much inspiration everywhere I look. There are so many great sub-genres and artists that I have never heard about before I moved here, and that has inspired me in many ways.

How would you describe your sound to our readers?image001

To me, my sound is really hard to explain. I mix a lot of genres and styles of singing. I just go for how I feel. But if I had to describe it in one short sentence, I would say that it’s a mix of hip hop, trap, RnB and pop. I know that at this point I have only one song released, so it is hard to compare it to anything else, but when my new work is out, I think that people will see what I mean.  


If you could collaborate with one Billboard artist right now who would it be?

Drake or Rae Sremmurd.

Is there anything you would really like to tell our reader’s?

I know that everyone has that one dream, yet they wait for “better times.” My advice would be to go out and follow that dream. There are no limits – besides the ones that we create for ourselves. I came alone to a country that I’ve never been to before, chasing a dream that almost no one believed in. I sacrificed a lot. I had some really bad times and experiences, times when I thought that everything was lost, but I never gave up. And I would do it all again. The point is – there won’t be a better time. The best time is now.



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The Revolutioners

sceneheardDSC_0177The Revoutioners Interview
The Revolutioners are a unique and enthusiastic band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They give a must see live entertaining performance. After sitting down with Scott from Saving Abel I was able to catch up with frontman Paul Houston from The Revolutioners and this is what he had to say:

OB: How long have you been singing?
I started singing when I was 16 and I was terrible, I mean terrible, I mean if I played you tracks right now you’d probably say “how did this guy even progress into this” To be honest with you one day I woke up and I was able to sing things that I was just never able to sing before at least it seemed that way. I got started singing Karaoke for a company and so I started singing a bunch of stuff from Frank Sinatra to Ratt. I am 32 now so I guess about 15-16 years.

OB: How long have you been on tour with Saving Abel?
About two and a half weeks. We just got signed to their label, Tennessee Whiskey Records, it’s very brand new, they just released their album out on it along with a sampler CD and we’re on that as well. We had two shows with Saving Abel one in Little Rock and one in Fort Smith and a guy named Rick Skinner worked really hard to get us on those bills he works for Screamin Toe Productions and as we facilitated the gigs he got to get direct support and we kicked ass both nights, put enough CD’s in their hands and I got a phone call two months later out of the blue, sort of.

DSC_0195OB: How did you come up with the name The Revolutioners?
Well, cause all the other good shit was taken I guess. It’s like you go to the internet, and check, is this band taken, yes, is this band taken, yes…Fuck they all are taken. But, we were called the New Passengers and there was a band that had that and we were like good grief. Ben the guitar player came up with it, it’s an old word that hasn’t been used you can look it up in Webster and it’s not going to exist but it’s like and old 17th century word from what I’m to understand that doesn’t get used much anymore, so, we resurrected that thing I suppose.

OB: So, how did you guys get together?
Well, all those guys on stage, except for Danny the bass player we recruited him from another band, but the guitar player, Jackson, the guitar player Ben and then the Lance the drummer, they were from a band called Highway Five and they were an alternative country band, really they were just a rock and roll band with a very good country singer and they broke up for whatever reason and they came and found me. I was doing Karaoke back home, that’s how I made my living, and they found me doing that. I had two other bands I was working with. I had a band called Seven Sharp and I also sang for a cover band called the Getty’s so, I had all this stuff going on and they hand me this crudely recorded stuff like what somebody does in their basement, but what I heard in it was something really good. I even tried out for Highway Five after their singer left, because I liked their music, it was good and anyways that didn’t work out and when they decided Highway Five wasn’t going to happen they said here is what we are working on do you like it? I went in with them and listened to it and worked with it, and what you see is what you get. They’re really that good. They’ve been playin’ together for so many years, it’s hard for them to sound bad.

OB: What’s the influence?
Oh my gosh, that’s real easy. Steven Tyler is like my number one guy when I was growing up, but a lot of people say they see a lot of Mick Jagger in me too. In 2002 I went to Memphis in May which is close to Little Rock and Stone Temple Pilots headlined that night I didn’t know much about STP at the time and I was with these two little brunette girls and they took me up to the front and they got me stoned and Stone Temple Pilots came on and opened with Shine on Me You Crazy Diamond and I sat there and got the best education of my life and Scott Weiland was my teacher, and I knew at that moment that’s what I wanted to do. I had been singing in bands, but not the way this guy moves, and not the way he controls it. It’s the way he owns it up there, I model some of that stuff, he was just a big influence. Some Steven Tyler, Scott Weiland, Mick Jagger somethin.

DSC_0208OB: What was the deciding factor in signing with Tennessee Whiskey?
Well, what the fuck else are we gonna do right? They offered us enough dates and they didn’t want a whole bunch of money from us at all like royalties or anything like that they just wanted a percentage of the sales and we felt like it was legit, and we can walk away in a few years if we want to and we aren’t bound to playing with Saving Abel only. It’s a big step in the right direction all the people we’ve met in the short amount of time is good for networking. So, our job is to get on stage and try to kick everybody’s ass for the most part. I try to make it as difficult as possible for anybody to follow me. Scotty Austin the Lead singer of Saving Able had a great quote. He said “it’s your job to go out there and kick my ass every night , and it’s my job to make sure that shit doesn’t happen.”


OB: What has the label done for your band?
oh gosh, promotion, promotion, promotion, our likes have sky rocketed on facebook, they are going to put us out in front of Saving Abel a lot tonight’s show is a strange location, but some of these shows are big where you got a few hundred people in front of you and that’s great. We sell a lot of merch, as a matter of fact we are almost sold out, as a matter of fact I have two more dates to do and I am out of almost everything. They’re not paying us out any money, we have to get out here and make sure we are selling merch every night


OB: What is the most memorable moment since you have been on tour?
We were in Lafayette and we just played a place called the Z Club and we crashed that night in the parking lot on the bus with the generators running and the damn carbon monoxide, we have to take the generators out cause the carbon monoxide keeps going off, and my mom was like “did you get a carbon monoxide detector” Yes mom we got a carbon monoxide detector. Next thing you hear beeeeppbeeepebeep, at like 4 o’clock in the morning, we’re gonna fucking die. Between the carbon monoxide detector going off, can’t get any sleep, we’re all thinking we’re gonna die, I get up at like 6:30 cause I can’t sleep, and that damn bus never moves until at least 10 maybe 9 at the earliest depending on how long the drive is the next day and there’s this café right there and it was closed when we got there. So, I got up and I went over there to eat and I had coffee, and Cajun hash browns and it was lovely and wonderful and I was watching CNN just getting away from everybody which was nice. I got my coffee to go and I go back to the bus, only there is no bus, there’s no bus. The bus had already left, and there’s a scene from almost famous where Jason Leigh walks out of the bathroom and they’ve already taken off. Hey don’t worry about me; I’m just the fuckin lead singer. So I took a picture and said this is where the bus was, and I posted that to facebook. It got like a 150 likes, 75 comments, which was good for me because I have a very narrow scope of facebook friends. But yeah, I got left.


OB: How long did it take for them to come back for you?
I called them, it took them about 30-40 minutes to come back and get me. Good thing I had my cell phone, if not then what?


Thank you Paul Houston for taking the time to talk with Scene and Heard with LizM of Orlandobands.com, I wish you luck with the new label Tennessee Whiskey and with your tour. Don’t forget the next time you get off the bus, leave a note.


For more information onThe Revolutioners check out http://www.therevolutioners.com

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Saving Abel

Featured imageDSC_0268The evening of December 19th at Bombshell’s Lounge in Orlando, FL was a night for this interviewer to remember. The show started with Dakota Black, a Southern Rock band from New Symrna Beach, FL. Their incredible sound from bassist Paul Baker and drummer Mike Pope laid the foundation for the infectious and solid guitar rhythms of Steve Mannocchi and Sean Harris. Lead Singer and Frontman Neil Keeran connected with the crowd with such enthusiasm and intensity.  Dakota Black’s energetic performance set the stage and the crowd for the upcoming performances of the Revolutioners and Saving Abel.

I was fortunate to catch up Scott Bartlett of Saving Abel and Paul Houston of the Revolutioners for a one on one. The following is the interview with both the amazing individuals.

Saving Abel
OB: What was it like for the band bringing in a new singer after Jared left?
“It was scary as shit. Steven was new too. Steven and Scotty were a package deal from the band Trash the Brand. For us, I think the hardest part was, how do you replace somebody with all the success from a song like Addicted. There is only one Jared Weeks just like there is only one Scotty Austin and his voice is very original. The obstacle for us was, do we do like what Journey or Alice and Chains did (not saying we are as famous as them) and try to find a carbon copy of Jared or do we just go a completely different direction and we kind of went back and forth about that, we figured we own the band now and we own the name why don’t we try and do everything that we were never really able and go with a grittier and edgier more rock and roll in your face sound. We weren’t sure if the public would get it and dig it, and like you suspect there were haters at first but now the haters are showing up with Jack Daniels for us at the shows.

OB: The new album Blood Stained Revolution is a completely different undertone and direction.
I hear pretty resoundingly that it is different, it’s still us, which makes sense because Jason and I still write all the guitar parts and Eric is still on bass and we worked with a producer who is a protégé of our producer who did all three of our albums whom I’ve known for years and years, his name is Justin Rymer and he used to play guitar for the band Twelve Stones and he really wanted to work on this album and it seemed to have worked.

OB: You guys did a lot of shows overseas for the troops. I know how you responded to the troops and the respect that the band shows for our men and women in Iraq, Japan even Cuba, but what was the response the troops gave to you?
They responded with open arms. You know they are so starved for music over there, they are so starved for anything that reminds them of America So I really hate it when people talk about how they are supportive of the troops, but yet they don’t do anything for them it’s just like they are just trying to sell their CD’s. For us if they ask we go, I mean we declined a Motley Crue tour to go over there.

DSC_0365OB: It’s amazing how much you guys seem to give back
I’ve mentioned this before it’s so real for us, it’s just a mutual respect and we’re proud to be Americans I mean we literally have kids half my age risking their life so that I can play rock and roll for a living and I go over there and they are thanking me with tears in their eyes it’s just really endearing .

OB: You have mentioned on your page that you want fans to enjoy unique experiences what is one of the coolest moments since you have been on tour that you have had with a fan?
I had one fan come up to me and tell me literally, he like looked through my soul and said you are my favorite guitar player in the world and he was like will you show me the Drowning solo and I was like Fuck yeah I’ll show you the Drowning solo that’s the kind of thing that validates everything like the extra hours in my basement growing up, and doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. From that to people bringing us surrogate mothers, soccer mom’s in there 50’s saying “we know you don’t eat right out here so we brought you some lasagna. One woman implored me to do my laundry which I thought was kinda weird, and she explained to me that she was a widow and her kid just went away to school and she said you guys remind me of my kid is there anything I can do as like a mom? and I was kidding and I kinda threw it out there and I’m like yeah, I need my laundry done and she just stopped and said I would love to do your laundry and I was thought that’s weird man, but we went to the laundry mat together and we talked about her kid and then we Skyped her son. It was cool.

OB: You guys seem to be very humble, has there ever been a time or two where fans look for extra treatment more so than usual?
There’s a lot of people that feel entitled, and usually its alcohol and hey that’s cool, it’s fine, I mean I get drunker than hell. If somebody says something within reason and you’re having a decent day, then stop your day and let them into your life for two minutes because it might make their day.

DSC_0343OB: And they’ll never forget it
Exactly. you gotta remember that. Growing up we had idles too usually people that want some outlandish thing they are like Super Fans and if I had a chance to meet Slash growing up and he would’ve stopped his day just to talk to me that would’ve changed my life. So, you just gotta remember that and don’t be arrogant. I’d also like to say we have five alpha males in this band but we’re not arrogant we walk around with this humble confidence and we are blessed. Lightning just struck twice for us with this. I mean it struck 17 times when Addicted hit, it was like hitting the lottery it just kept climbing the charts and then we were off to the races and it got really scary for a minute.

OB: You have the new label Tenessee Whiskey out now also, how is that working out for the band?
You know it’s funny, I don’t know I mean we’re owners of the label literally, but we are so focused on the touring side of this business right now.

OB: That’s where you make your money.
Right, that’s where you make your money and then your merch is contingent on bodies in the room, so that’s our main stream of revenue in a time where people don’t really pay for albums but we knew that our fans needed new music from us and we weren’t on a label so we just decided let’s start one and it seems like a viable option and our manager was like you guys can pull this off you have a lot of fans. The hard part is what’s your objective with the label? Do you want to go sign a bunch of bands? Like what do you want to do? We just want to grow organically it’s like planting a seed and watering every little bit you can.

OB: Where would you want the label to go?
I think in a time when music is so fickle and strange I don’t really want to risk even answering that because I just don’t’ know the industry is constantly changing if we can just stay hip to the times and stay hip with the music we’re gonna be fine because we got fans. The label was a means to putting out our record. Scotty had a good point the other day. We cracked into the top 50 with Blood Stained Revolution not the album but with the single and what that does is it says on the charts what label you’re with. There are a lot of labels out there and there’s only 48 charting other than us. So it’s like things are happening. If a major label were to call us tomorrow, I don’t know what I’d say we’d have to have a long talk and then a vote.

OB: Are you looking for a specific genre for the label?
There is literally no method to the madness. We have one, what’s beautiful if you buy the CD it comes with a companion CD which is each of our side projects like Trash the Brand which is Scotty and Steven’s band and then I have a solo EP out, Jason has a project on there and the Revolutioners who open for us is on there, they are the only band we have signed and they asked what do you guys want from us and I responded with I don’t know

On that note did you take Revolutioners under your wing? How did you end up signing them?

They are close to our home and they opened for us a few times and we thought these guys are bad ass and when our manager came to us and said would you consider signing anyone else . The main stipulation when you sign a band is you’re going to help them grow. I know our business model is working but we sold a shit ton of records because we have a shit ton of fans conversely other bands don’t have that. We’d like to be able to help them with that but we can’t help their fans buy their records. What we can do is take them out on tour with us, make sure they get fed and they are taken care of and we show them the ropes of what a real hard American southern touring rock band does and that feels pretty good.

OB: So, how is it being on tour with the Revolutioners?
They’re great. Again, we’re humble, but we’re still kinda in the 80’s we’re decadent hedonistic fun rockers. We make sure the party happens every night. We will stay at the bar until they throw us out. I mean that is not a Euphemism that is literal.

OB: Do you have any advice for upcoming local bands?
SA: Be in it for the right reasons. You have to be good at networking and you have hit to the times. There is social media now which makes it a lot easier.

OB: What are your right reasons?
This music bug hit me and I can’t stop it makes me tick.

OB: I’m sure each of you had regular nine to five jobs before you became popular, at what point did you decide to quit your job and play music full time?
I was just done teaching. I felt like I was becoming sort of a hypocrite because I would come down on my students for not practicing and yet I never did what anybody told me to do. We had that talk and we were about to sign our deal and decided this was a chance of a lifetime, are we going to have a job holding us up and we all had sacrifices to make. Steven quit his job after being with us for a month; he was a troubleshooter for Toyota. There are sacrifices that had to be made.

OB: Where do you see the direction of the band going?
We are going to have to keep touring that is where we grow our business. We have big plans for the Blood Stained Revolution video you’ll start seeing that a lot more we’ve been talking about what the next single will be. We’re not going to know if Blood Stained Revolution is going to go climbing into the top 20 until the second week of January after the holidays.

Thank you Scott Bartlett for taking the time to talk with Scene and Heard with LizM of OrlandoBands.com, I wish you luck with the new album Blood Stained Revolution and the new label Tennessee Whiskey.

For more information on Saving Abel check out http://www.savingabel.com/.

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The Luna Bellum

Luna Bellum at Jammin' Food and Rum fest

Luna Bellum at Jammin’ Food and Rum fest

If you like reggae/funk rock music, I would recommend giving a listen to Orlando based band “The Luna Bellum”. I have partied with them quite a few times and was blown away with their powerful performance and quality music. Formed in 2012, The Luna Bellum has been mesmerizing Floridians with their unique music. The band already has couple of their hit tracks including “Whoa”, “Resistencia”, “Rat-town” etc. Lately, they have hosted a series of coolest house party in the town. The band’s current line-up consists of Wyatt Norton on vocals and guitars, Nano Mesa on vocals and guitars, Billy Barschow (bass) and Trevor Greene (drums).

Recently, I talked with the band members to know more about their future plan, lyric style and some other inside stories. Here are the excerpts:

  • When did you all decide to come together and form a band?

Trevor: Wyatt and I knew each other since high school. But we reunited in Orlando and came up with the idea of this band as we both shared the same zeal for music. I was attending Full Sail University at that time. We met Nano and Billy through my school friends and roommates. And that is how The Luna Bellum was born in October, 2012.

Wyatt: That’s the story of the birth of The Luna Bellum.(Hahahaha).

  • Story behind the name?

Wyatt: We wanted to incorporate the moon, and the old school Latin language into our name. In Latin Bellum means “war”. So, the name Luna Bellum stands for “The Moon War”.

As the band believes there is war against higher consciousness in our world today, the name “The Luna Bellum” itself is a metaphor as the moon symbolizes human consciousness,” he added.

3) How would you describe your sound?

-Funk rock with reggae vibe. Red Hit Chili Peppers is been one of our biggest influences. We like their music a lot. Hip-Hop inspires us as well.

4) Latest update from the band about album/EP release?

– We recorded an EP containing five songs about six months ago. We have done some demo recordings at FIRST school and Full Sail University respectively. Right now, we are focusing on refining our live set to play at bigger venues around town.

5) Best show experience so far?

-Playing with the Super Villains, Ballyhoo! and Spiritual Rez was truly amazing. We have also thrown some house parties over the past few months.

6) Who write the lyrics or is it a team effort?

– Sometimes one of us comes up with an idea and the rest would work on it. In other time, we would just jam to see whether anything comes out. If we like something from jamming we would write it down for further refine.

7) Future plans?

Nano: We want to continue playing around Orlando and hopeful about gaining a fan base here. Eventually, we want to go for small tours in Florida. We are also aiming to go for a nation-wide tour. Wyatt: Of course we aspire of expanding our horizon and reach more audience through our music.

8) Is there anything you want to tell our readers?

– Over the last few months, we hosted some pretty entertaining house parties where several bands performed. We are looking for a good time, so be on our Facebook page and our website to join the extravaganza and have fun with good music. THANK YOU!

For more info check out their social media sites:






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Check out ~ Miggs~

mandipaige (1)

Just in time for New Year’s we bring you a tasty musical treat called Miggs! A four Chb_FsynMeucB7UZmq7a0Rlk08b1XONcrpgJW9i8VII,6R0VuzY40Ha99a16DZvRgl2vO_oUKYfa-SjELLdqjfYpiece pop\rock band who has had a busy year entaining the masses. Don, Micheal, John and Walker have their EP ‘Meet Miggs’ and a new single which can be heard on your local iheart  radio station titled ‘Walls Come Down’.  And adding to the year’s excitment the band joined forces with Ries Brothers and Terry Mcdermott for their Walls Come Down Tour this past Fall.

Over the weekend we spoke to lead singer Don Miggs about lyrics, influences even crazy performances. so read on as I pick an artist for all their performing details! :D


Can you tell us about your band name?
It’s my last name but I didn’t name the band. Blame the drummer. Always blame the drummer.

When did the band come together (form)?

It really started about 2001 when Michael and I were doing demos. Then I moved OOhygRBEYFED_zQTYYG-xEjS8uDecQjzTbWHZvsFQmc,H33sMc5llQCqVp-WMKbigCUB7yP4NwQVzTN5q5dApls3,000 miles away from him. Took a few years to get this lineup set but here we are.

What can you tell us about your craziest performance?

Every show we try to do one memorable thing. I tend to jump off of anything. Last tour I went to leap off of a box with a very old, very expensive guitar and the box started tipping. I somehow did not fall on my ass. The audience got a scare and a laugh!

Besides social media, do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?
Be good live?! Give people something to talk about and want to share with their friends. Meet very person who came to a show and never let someone else answer fan questions.

What has really influenced your music the most?                                                      All four of us listen to so many different styles. It all seeps in to the recordings we do and makes up miggs. I tend to like a classic sound, from the Stones to Bruce to Afghan Whigs to Gaslight Anthem. All a little messy and from the heart.

Describe your sound in two word’s

This sucks. Lol
American Rock.

Are Lyrics a group effort?
Not really. Nothing against the guys but I don’t think they are moved by the story and strength of words like I am in a song.

Thanks Don!

For more info on the band visit:  http://www.miggsmusic.com/

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Drop July “No Milk No Problem”

a0820406171_2Drop July is a punk duo with folk influences and an acoustic style. The project was formed by Dakota Cruz (Lead vocalist/rhythm guitar) who met his back up vocalist/lead guitarist Zac while working at a local restaurant.

With their unique folk quality strummed into the punk melodies, Their debut EP was entirely written, recorded, and produced by the band and released July of this year.

Carrying songs like ‘Denver’ and ‘By a string’ with a melancholy acoustic sound. And ‘The king’ with  clear folk influence, a very cool and crisp sound on their EP! If you enjoy Jason Mraz, Mumford and sons, Weezer or Hozier you will probably enjoy this!

You can check out more on the band’s FB: www.facebook.com/dropjuly

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