Oct, 8th ‘Psyschostick’ returns to Orlando

photoAmerican based humours laugh makers bouncing out of Temple, Az, are back once more with more seam splitting creative comedy music!

‘Revenge of the Vengeance’ released on Rock Music last November, a completely crowd funded album. This follows their 2011 ‘Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D!

With their latest tracks: ‘ Obey the Beard’, and ‘Dogs like Socks’ they will certainly not leave anyone missing their signature comedy rock show or style!

Catch the band live when they stop into the West End Trading Co. October, 8th, 2015

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3ebd9d5a07e999aa80eab32b595c34c2The metal legends of Brazil have triumphantly returned! Be prepared and excited to get an earful of Brazilian rock when metal rockers ‘Hibria’ stop into ‘The Haven’ on their North American Tour September 14th.

This is the bands fifth self-titled album being released on ‘Test Your Metal Records’ for North America which was released on August 7th.

The band was formed in 1996 and their debut album ‘Defying the Rules’ was released in 2004. Where they soon took root in Asia and reached the top 100.

Don’t miss their epic show at The Haven on September, 14th!

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A Feasting Beast

FB_IMG_1440901482674The heavy metal rock band rioting out of Orlando, Fl will be releasing their EP ‘It Feeds’ on September, 5th.            With head banging rifts, and hardcore vocals on this new ep perfect for any metal core fan.

And  tracks for the new music by Feasting Beast  have been mastered by Mark Lewis of AudioHammer Studios.

This heavy deathcore musical project was the original design of Martin Grosso and Daniel Synan who also take the title of guitar, bass, drums, production (Martin) and vocals (Daniel).

 Stay tuned for what’s to come from A Feasting Beast: ‘ It Feeds’!

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‘From Another Planet’ to Perform live at Bombshells

a2657200948_16Progessive/metal band setting their roots in Chilicothe, Ohio is out with their debut full-length ablbum ‘An Ever-Changing Perspective’. With a collection of talented musicaians creating ‘From Another Planet’, which include Michael-vocals, lyrics, Nick- Guitar, Shayne- guitar, Marcus- Bass, Vocals and Jesse-Drums, percussion. The band presents you with harsh and powerful vocals with an Organic music quality separating the band from today’s wave of sound.

0005177969_10You can catch ‘From Another Planet’ live where they will Showcase their new album at Bombshells September 15th 2015!

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Catching up with ‘Psychostick’!

mandipaige (1)Isn’t it time for a break from all this seriousness? Well, we have the perfect remedy band_bathroom_7for that a chat with the Comedy infused rock/metal band ‘Pyschostick’! American comedy metal band from Tempe, Arizona, with a style that has come to be called “humorcore”.                                    After their Florida show we caught up with band member Matty ‘Moose’ J (bassist) on performing in Otown, their humorous style and what we can expect in the near future from the band:

How did you feel being back in Florida?

” We LOVE Florida! …even in the summer! haha  the Orlando area has always felt like a home to us and they’ve never let us down.”  

Is there a place you really can’t miss when your in Otown?

“Publix.  I know it sounds weird but we’re all big fans of they’re ginormous sandwiches!”

How do you say this tour differs from your last?

” The Evil Dumb Tour is promoting the video for our song “Bruce Campbell” as well as our newest album IV: Revenge of the Vengeance.   We’re excited to play a bunch of new songs and even one that hasn’t been released yet (shhhhhh secret).”

 Fun fact: We just played our 1000th show on 8/8/15! 

You guy’s have so much energy, where do you get the ideas behind your tours? photo

” Most of our ideas come from sleep deprivation haha.  When several people are awake for way too long things start to get silly.  if we write down an idea and laugh at it the next day it’s a keeper!”

Are there any plans for a single we can expect in the near future?

“Abso-yes-ly!  Keep your eyes peeled on YouTube for a new single.  We don’t like to say we cover songs as much as “fix” them.  We took a certain classic rock song from the 70s and “fixed” it to be about a certain video game that is dear to our “heart” … you’ll see ;)”

Where do you come up with the song titles?

” the titles of our songs come last after the song is finished.  we try to keep the title funny without giving away the punchline.”

Is there anything you would like to tell our reader’s at OrlandoBands?

” \,,/ thanks for being awesome! \,,/”

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Live Hart’s soulful acoustic sound

mandipaige (1)lh_re_047_lowRez_cropped-286x300This textured and amazingly soulful voice of ‘Live Hart’ has collected a large following of fans and is attached to a creative musician. Live Hart is a indie singer/songwriter with just the right amount of folk and R&B sprinkled in her sound. A New Jersey native, she has work hard to earn a beautiful spot in the music industry acquiring opening slots with American Idol winner ‘David Cook’ and R&B star Monica. This is a voice that will be heard for a while to come.

With the release of her new single “Please, don’t say it’s over” off her upcoming album we chatted with her this past weekend and here is what she had to say!

How would you describe your sound? My sound is what I call Alternative Soul.

How long have you been performing?I’ve been performing ever since I was a kid in elementary school. I performed in our school bands and wind ensembles.IMG_7224-1024x767

Whats the first instrument you ever picked up?The first instrument I started playing was the violin in elementary school. Then I moved on to other instruments like the alto saxophone and trombone in middle school, then high school. I didn’t really start playing guitar until a few years ago.

How would you describe your lyrical style?I try to write from a true and sincere place in hopes my listener can relate. All the songs on the new HONESTY album are real songs derived from real emotions.

Who were your biggest  musical influences growing up?There were so many but, I my all time favorite was Michael Jackson.

Is there any thing up coming you would like to tell out reader’s?I’ll be heading out on my first East Coast tour in September! Super excited!

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Carly Jo Jackson: Performing on the 4th of July 2015

mandipaige (1)carly_joCome Celebrate the summer with Independance, fun and Fireworks while enjoying some great music this 4th. Joining the festivities in the streets of Celebration, Fl this Saturday is native Floridian performer Carly Jo Jackson! Singer-songwriter with her blues style vocals and indie/pop sound.

This dynamic 21 year old has been performing since she was 13, and started playing guitar at the age of 16. You may also recall her name as one of the Season 9 ‘America’s Got Talent’ contestant’s.maxresdefault

Check out what Carly had to say when I chatted with her about songwriting, her biggest inspiration’s growing up and being apart of ‘America’s Got Talent’!



When did you first realize that singing might be something you wanted to do as a career?

I’ve known pretty much as long as I can remember that I wanted a career singing, but no one really took me seriously about it until I was in my teens. Of course I also wanted to be an actor, veterinarian, ice skater, equestrian so to my family, a singing career sounded like another one of those fads of the moment.

How long have you been performing?

I started with a performing troupe when I was 13 but when I got a guitar for my 16th birthday I started out on my own.


What other artist really inspired you growing up?

I was inspired by all the young pop artists in the 90’s. My sisters are 2 and 5 years older, so when I was still pretty young I had The Hansens and MMM-Bop blaring through the house, The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, etc. Seeing young people with a music career made it seem so real to me. At 16, right before I got my first guitar, I saw Colbie Caillat at Orlando House of Blues and I had one of those moments when it just hit me, and I knew right then I would be on that same stage. It was a special moment last year when I played House of Blues for the first time!

How did it feel to be apart of America’s Got Talent?

It was a whirlwind and at the time seemed surreal. I never felt like I was in a competition, it was just an amazing learning experience. I got to play my music in front of some of the top people in the industry during rehearsals and preparations and performed in front of my largest audiences.

If you could describe your sound in three words what would it be?

emotion wildflower soulful.

What is your favorite song you have written?

Oh boy, that’s a hard one. My favorite to play is Johnny P because it’s all about taking the worst possible situation and turning it into something beautiful, a song. It is one of my more upbeat songs, so it usually gets the crowds off their feet. I play it live now and hope to record it in the coming year.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me! Please support and follow me on my social sites (they’re all @CarlyJoOfficial) and check my website http://www.carlyjojackson.com to see what’s up next because the rest of this year is bringing more videos, more jams, and fun! I was chosen by the store Belk as one of their Southern Musician Showcase artists and that is allowing me to tour and travel this year, so look for me on the road!


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