Burnos: Syndrome of Decay

Spring has bloomed and brought with it some kick-ass music, So take out those

image001blasted earbuds because we are introducing new music from BURNOS’ Syndrome of Decay!

Their previous released single ‘Warship’ already caught a hold of the SXM Octane’s top 15 Countown in May of 2014 and soon following lead singer Melissa Burnos was  prominently featured during ‘Women Who Rock week’.

And adding to their Skyrocketing momentum the song ‘Warship’ was used as Texas Ranger, Chris Gimenez as his walkout song!

The band Consit of rockers Melissa Burnos -on Lead Vocals, Eric Friedman on Guitars, and Garrett Whitlock on Drums and  produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette (behind Alter Bridge and Chevelle). And recently CBS Miami featured vocalist (Melissa) as ‘one of the Best Rising Stars of South Florida’!

Check out the new track from BURNOS and keep up to date with when and where you can see them live!  http://www.burnosrocks.com

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Kerchief: New single 03/24/15

d559fc_757bf935020f4c5a806e5ca4814f6c92_jpg_srz_158_145_85_22_0_50_1_20_0We have some much deserved Extra Exposure to show to the talented Brittany Hill Vocalist for the new project ‘Kerchief’! FB_IMG_1426562383199Created when she departed from the band Vanity Theft for a fresh, fist-pumping sound with an alternative/rock 90’s influence. The first single ‘Milk & Honey’ will be conquering the airwaves starting March 24th off of the full length album ‘ Machine and Animals’  coming later this spring.

This past weekend I spoke to Kerchief (Brittany) about her new solo project, indie sound and what we can look forward to with this new record!         Kerchief cover ill

What was it that first really influenced you to chase your musical dream?

When I started learning to play the guitar at 16, I always pictured myself playing in front of people and making them feel the way I did when I listened to my favorite bands. Somewhere between that and seeing Brand New (my favorite band) live for the first time in high school, I knew I could never look back.

What would you say is different with a solo project than a band?

There are two sides to the coin here. On the one hand there is no one to share the pressure with when things start to feel heavy, or to make the hard decisions with; like I did when I was in a band with my best friends (Vanity Theft). On the other hand, I get the privilege of calling all the shots and working at whatever pace I like. I’m the only one who can slow me down and that’s not happening anytime soon.

How would you say your sound has changed for this new record?

I’ve definitely matured naturally as both a guitarist and singer. I’ve also had more life experience which made me a better songwriter. I think this album will show that growth and maturity in comparison to what i’ve done up to this point.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your lyrics in this new project?

My girlfriend, being broke, working shitty jobs, anxiety, hope, Jack London, determination and desperately wanting to catapult into that future that I know is waiting for me. Too much? (haha)

How would you describe your sound to our reader’s?

Indie Alternative rock with pop sensibility

If you could collaborate with one Chart topper right now who would it be?

I have to pick just one? Hmm…Calvin Harris. If that’s not obvious enough, Drake. Preferably both.

Is there anything you would really like to tell our reader’s?

Please keep giving new music a chance. Pick up my single “Milk & Honey,” and keep an eye out for my debut LP “Machines and Animals.” Last but not least; go to a show. Not just mine… but go to more shows in general. Life is so much better with live music.

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Emily Hearn’s Follow-up ‘Hourglass’

mandipaige (1)24 year-old american singer-songwriter Emily Hearn is back with her new album ‘Hourglass’ out March 10th. Following her 2012 record ‘Paper heart’ with 6E340094-F7ED-4202-A5E6-67A49645A831highlighted track ‘rooftop’  with an accompany video that had featured a dancing, drum-playing Bill Murray!

If I had to give her sound a genre…hmm I would say pop/folk charming, yes that is what I meant! She portrays such an untouched creative beauty in her music, showcased in her single ‘Volcano’ the melchancoly melody of a slow cooling relationship.

Hourglass was  produced by Chad Copelin, behind  Christina Perri, Ben Rector and Green River Ordinance. This album reflects a charming attitude, a very ‘touch & feel’ type sound. Emily says the album consist of nearly two years of conversation, inspirations, and many defining moments that came together to make this record.

Emily Is Currently On Tour with Throne Wells which will be making their stop in Orlando on April 16th @ The Social!

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Q&A with ‘Frostfang’

This past Friday (the 27th) The Haven Lounge was invaded by six of Central FB_IMG_1425236104642Florida’s hardest rocking metal bands at MetalZilla Returns!

Those bands Included Martyrs Asylum, Freakazoid!, Arikara, Arrhythmist, Beyond Silence and Frostfang who we caught up with before they took the stage to conquer the evil MetalZilla! FB_IMG_1425235889022

When did you first start this project (band)? We started Frostfang about 4 years ago. We are Nicholas Harasz ( drummer and arranger ) Lucas Harasz ( singer, lyricist, bass player), Jared Caprio ( Lead guitar and composer), & Jonathan Konja ( guitar) We have a self-produced album recorded in St Petersburg

What artist(s) would you say have been the biggest influence to you? I think the biggest influences we have are Iron Maiden, Mastodon, Megadeth, and the SwordFB_IMG_1425238737438

If you had to create a brand new word to describe your sound what word would it be?You could describe us as Renaissance Metal or Throner metal!

FB_IMG_1425235857661Is there anything you would like to tell our reader’s about upcoming music/shows?      We have a headlining show at the Local 662  on the 2/21st in St. Petersburg. We will debut a new song on the 21st. This song is not on our CD.     We also have a show in Fort Myers / Cape Coral on the 2/28th. A few up-coming shows for the month of March are in the works.

To check out more about Frostfang click below:

Frostfang: http://www.facebook.com/frostfangmetal


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Mike Bloomer: Creative Vault

10690199_908246199188162_5900948704955977413_nThe amount of pure raw creativity that flows out of this album is absolutly stunning. Don’t be fooled by a classical genre label, The talented Mike Boomer has over 30 years experience and is putting that knowledge to good use in this album. Spreading his career know-how as a teacher of musical education to children and adults as well.

Working as a professional soloist and with music groups, his live performance instrument includes the Cello, bass and guitar.

With the production of his new album “Creative Vault” he has easily communicated a diverse quality of  styles from rock to jazz. Don’t let the classical mask worry you this fella can still rock!

The album was engineered by Chris Baranyi Sound and if you would like to hear a sample of these unique tracks for yourself visit his site @ http://www.MikeBloomer.com !





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Q&A with LIMI

mandipaige (1)This international singer/songwriter has hit the States with her first single in two years… “Boss”!

Born to a pianist in Serbia, LIMI had a beautiful passion for music as a child. She became noticed by the music industry at the early age of 15 and Within 2 years she released a music video for “We are who we are”

image002Currently living in the U.S, she is studying Music Business as well as for tthe past year working on her current musical project. So last weekend I  spoke to this talented young woman about her music, her sound and what it’s like working in the US vs Europe!

What was it that first really influenced you to chase your musical dream?

I always knew that I wanted to be an artist. It has been my dream since I was 5 years old. Everyone simply thought of it as just one of those childish fantasies and that it would eventually go away, but it never did. I live for music.


Coming to the states what would you say was the biggest change for you?

The U.S. and Europe are totally different! But I adjusted quickly. Europe is so compact, while the U.S. is all about space. Also, in Europe you don’t need a car to get anywhere if you live in the city. But here, you can’t even buy a pack of gum without a car. 

But one of the most exciting changes for me would be that now I am able to see VEVO’s website. I know it sounds funny, but I could not even see my own artist page before, because VEVO is not available in Serbia. 

Have you found more musical inspiration since being in the states?

I have always been a huge fan of American culture. I have always looked up to artists who were big stars in the US and worldwide, and dreamed about being in that world. But now that I live here, I find so much inspiration everywhere I look. There are so many great sub-genres and artists that I have never heard about before I moved here, and that has inspired me in many ways.

How would you describe your sound to our readers?image001

To me, my sound is really hard to explain. I mix a lot of genres and styles of singing. I just go for how I feel. But if I had to describe it in one short sentence, I would say that it’s a mix of hip hop, trap, RnB and pop. I know that at this point I have only one song released, so it is hard to compare it to anything else, but when my new work is out, I think that people will see what I mean.  


If you could collaborate with one Billboard artist right now who would it be?

Drake or Rae Sremmurd.

Is there anything you would really like to tell our reader’s?

I know that everyone has that one dream, yet they wait for “better times.” My advice would be to go out and follow that dream. There are no limits – besides the ones that we create for ourselves. I came alone to a country that I’ve never been to before, chasing a dream that almost no one believed in. I sacrificed a lot. I had some really bad times and experiences, times when I thought that everything was lost, but I never gave up. And I would do it all again. The point is – there won’t be a better time. The best time is now.



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The Revolutioners

sceneheardDSC_0177The Revoutioners Interview
The Revolutioners are a unique and enthusiastic band from Little Rock, Arkansas. They give a must see live entertaining performance. After sitting down with Scott from Saving Abel I was able to catch up with frontman Paul Houston from The Revolutioners and this is what he had to say:

OB: How long have you been singing?
I started singing when I was 16 and I was terrible, I mean terrible, I mean if I played you tracks right now you’d probably say “how did this guy even progress into this” To be honest with you one day I woke up and I was able to sing things that I was just never able to sing before at least it seemed that way. I got started singing Karaoke for a company and so I started singing a bunch of stuff from Frank Sinatra to Ratt. I am 32 now so I guess about 15-16 years.

OB: How long have you been on tour with Saving Abel?
About two and a half weeks. We just got signed to their label, Tennessee Whiskey Records, it’s very brand new, they just released their album out on it along with a sampler CD and we’re on that as well. We had two shows with Saving Abel one in Little Rock and one in Fort Smith and a guy named Rick Skinner worked really hard to get us on those bills he works for Screamin Toe Productions and as we facilitated the gigs he got to get direct support and we kicked ass both nights, put enough CD’s in their hands and I got a phone call two months later out of the blue, sort of.

DSC_0195OB: How did you come up with the name The Revolutioners?
Well, cause all the other good shit was taken I guess. It’s like you go to the internet, and check, is this band taken, yes, is this band taken, yes…Fuck they all are taken. But, we were called the New Passengers and there was a band that had that and we were like good grief. Ben the guitar player came up with it, it’s an old word that hasn’t been used you can look it up in Webster and it’s not going to exist but it’s like and old 17th century word from what I’m to understand that doesn’t get used much anymore, so, we resurrected that thing I suppose.

OB: So, how did you guys get together?
Well, all those guys on stage, except for Danny the bass player we recruited him from another band, but the guitar player, Jackson, the guitar player Ben and then the Lance the drummer, they were from a band called Highway Five and they were an alternative country band, really they were just a rock and roll band with a very good country singer and they broke up for whatever reason and they came and found me. I was doing Karaoke back home, that’s how I made my living, and they found me doing that. I had two other bands I was working with. I had a band called Seven Sharp and I also sang for a cover band called the Getty’s so, I had all this stuff going on and they hand me this crudely recorded stuff like what somebody does in their basement, but what I heard in it was something really good. I even tried out for Highway Five after their singer left, because I liked their music, it was good and anyways that didn’t work out and when they decided Highway Five wasn’t going to happen they said here is what we are working on do you like it? I went in with them and listened to it and worked with it, and what you see is what you get. They’re really that good. They’ve been playin’ together for so many years, it’s hard for them to sound bad.

OB: What’s the influence?
Oh my gosh, that’s real easy. Steven Tyler is like my number one guy when I was growing up, but a lot of people say they see a lot of Mick Jagger in me too. In 2002 I went to Memphis in May which is close to Little Rock and Stone Temple Pilots headlined that night I didn’t know much about STP at the time and I was with these two little brunette girls and they took me up to the front and they got me stoned and Stone Temple Pilots came on and opened with Shine on Me You Crazy Diamond and I sat there and got the best education of my life and Scott Weiland was my teacher, and I knew at that moment that’s what I wanted to do. I had been singing in bands, but not the way this guy moves, and not the way he controls it. It’s the way he owns it up there, I model some of that stuff, he was just a big influence. Some Steven Tyler, Scott Weiland, Mick Jagger somethin.

DSC_0208OB: What was the deciding factor in signing with Tennessee Whiskey?
Well, what the fuck else are we gonna do right? They offered us enough dates and they didn’t want a whole bunch of money from us at all like royalties or anything like that they just wanted a percentage of the sales and we felt like it was legit, and we can walk away in a few years if we want to and we aren’t bound to playing with Saving Abel only. It’s a big step in the right direction all the people we’ve met in the short amount of time is good for networking. So, our job is to get on stage and try to kick everybody’s ass for the most part. I try to make it as difficult as possible for anybody to follow me. Scotty Austin the Lead singer of Saving Able had a great quote. He said “it’s your job to go out there and kick my ass every night , and it’s my job to make sure that shit doesn’t happen.”


OB: What has the label done for your band?
oh gosh, promotion, promotion, promotion, our likes have sky rocketed on facebook, they are going to put us out in front of Saving Abel a lot tonight’s show is a strange location, but some of these shows are big where you got a few hundred people in front of you and that’s great. We sell a lot of merch, as a matter of fact we are almost sold out, as a matter of fact I have two more dates to do and I am out of almost everything. They’re not paying us out any money, we have to get out here and make sure we are selling merch every night


OB: What is the most memorable moment since you have been on tour?
We were in Lafayette and we just played a place called the Z Club and we crashed that night in the parking lot on the bus with the generators running and the damn carbon monoxide, we have to take the generators out cause the carbon monoxide keeps going off, and my mom was like “did you get a carbon monoxide detector” Yes mom we got a carbon monoxide detector. Next thing you hear beeeeppbeeepebeep, at like 4 o’clock in the morning, we’re gonna fucking die. Between the carbon monoxide detector going off, can’t get any sleep, we’re all thinking we’re gonna die, I get up at like 6:30 cause I can’t sleep, and that damn bus never moves until at least 10 maybe 9 at the earliest depending on how long the drive is the next day and there’s this café right there and it was closed when we got there. So, I got up and I went over there to eat and I had coffee, and Cajun hash browns and it was lovely and wonderful and I was watching CNN just getting away from everybody which was nice. I got my coffee to go and I go back to the bus, only there is no bus, there’s no bus. The bus had already left, and there’s a scene from almost famous where Jason Leigh walks out of the bathroom and they’ve already taken off. Hey don’t worry about me; I’m just the fuckin lead singer. So I took a picture and said this is where the bus was, and I posted that to facebook. It got like a 150 likes, 75 comments, which was good for me because I have a very narrow scope of facebook friends. But yeah, I got left.


OB: How long did it take for them to come back for you?
I called them, it took them about 30-40 minutes to come back and get me. Good thing I had my cell phone, if not then what?


Thank you Paul Houston for taking the time to talk with Scene and Heard with LizM of Orlandobands.com, I wish you luck with the new label Tennessee Whiskey and with your tour. Don’t forget the next time you get off the bus, leave a note.


For more information onThe Revolutioners check out http://www.therevolutioners.com

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