Patrick Gibson

HoBfrontPatrick Gibson will be  hitting the stage on July 3rd as part of OrlandoRocks at House of Blues in Lake buena Vista.

In 2005 he took time in Nashville to complete his first demo CD titled “Florida”, consisting of 12 songs in total seven of which were original tracks written by Patrick. 2008 he was voted ‘Artist of the Year’ by web-based radio “Q’s House”.

Following with his 2013 release of his second CD titled ” The Same Don’t Stay the Same” EP.

Now Supporting his new Digital EP release “Daddy’s Little Girl”, he will be performing with Randal Crawford, Jamie Davis and Greg Warren Live at HOB.

How long have you been performing? Professionally in the music industry for 10 years

What would you say is your biggest musical influence? “LIFE” would be my musical influence but I have many influences. From a traditional heartfelt performance stand point, I would say , none other than George Jones. He delivered the music to the heartbeat of the ears… From a show standpoint? Garth Brooks! He makes the show a show.

What song is your favorite to perform live? Folsom Prison Blues but a funk version

Thought we would close the piece with some feedback on Patrick’s music from fans:

I was impressed with the passion and energy you have toward music but more importantly to your audience. You have a knack for connecting with people. Your enthusiasm spills over into the audience and they become energized as well. The other thought that comes to mind is your close connection with your band members. You appreciate them for their talents and acknowledge that in the way you behave on stage and talk about them in casual conversation. Perhaps that connection is what makes your sound so cohesive.
Real, Earthy, Genuine, Heartfelt, Fun, Energetic, Classic, Roots music.
Great storytelling that evokes a lifetime memories and experiences.

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