Catching up with ‘Psychostick’!

mandipaige (1)Isn’t it time for a break from all this seriousness? Well, we have the perfect remedy band_bathroom_7for that a chat with the Comedy infused rock/metal band ‘Pyschostick’! American comedy metal band from Tempe, Arizona, with a style that has come to be called “humorcore”.                                    After their Florida show we caught up with band member Matty ‘Moose’ J (bassist) on performing in Otown, their humorous style and what we can expect in the near future from the band:

How did you feel being back in Florida?

” We LOVE Florida! …even in the summer! haha  the Orlando area has always felt like a home to us and they’ve never let us down.”  

Is there a place you really can’t miss when your in Otown?

“Publix.  I know it sounds weird but we’re all big fans of they’re ginormous sandwiches!”

How do you say this tour differs from your last?

” The Evil Dumb Tour is promoting the video for our song “Bruce Campbell” as well as our newest album IV: Revenge of the Vengeance.   We’re excited to play a bunch of new songs and even one that hasn’t been released yet (shhhhhh secret).”

 Fun fact: We just played our 1000th show on 8/8/15! 

You guy’s have so much energy, where do you get the ideas behind your tours? photo

” Most of our ideas come from sleep deprivation haha.  When several people are awake for way too long things start to get silly.  if we write down an idea and laugh at it the next day it’s a keeper!”

Are there any plans for a single we can expect in the near future?

“Abso-yes-ly!  Keep your eyes peeled on YouTube for a new single.  We don’t like to say we cover songs as much as “fix” them.  We took a certain classic rock song from the 70s and “fixed” it to be about a certain video game that is dear to our “heart” … you’ll see ;)”

Where do you come up with the song titles?

” the titles of our songs come last after the song is finished.  we try to keep the title funny without giving away the punchline.”

Is there anything you would like to tell our reader’s at OrlandoBands?

” \,,/ thanks for being awesome! \,,/”

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