Sanford Music Festival Artist Spotlight on: JANANI

JANANI is an Alternative Rock band from Orlando, Florida. The band was formed by J Vaidyanathan and Erick Campos in early 2010 and now consists of four members including the original two along with Nathan Hockett and Anthony Aliseo. Four years after the band’s formation, they had their “A-Ha! Moment” and discovered the direction that made sense for the band.  Shortly after, Janani released their hit single “Run (Pick Up the Gun)” which won an Akademia Music Award for Best Alternative Rock single.  In 2015, they competed in the Hard Rock Rising competition and was one of five bands selected to be a Hard Rock Energy Ambassador.  Even more recently, Janani was nominated for the SSA “Band of the Year” Award.

The band states, “music has a special function in our lives that connects us through emotion, association, culture and society. It effortlessly brings us together, because it doesn’t care what you look like, what you have, or where you live. Music is fun and makes people feel good.”

They describe their show as an epic journey of highs and lows with flying dragons and terrible monsters that will make your heart race, your eyes tear, and your feet move. They deliver both technical and harmonically complex sections, along with more mellow and soulful parts. And they aren’t afraid of loud and high-energy choruses either.

Janani primarily uses social media for promotion to connect with fans and let them know what’s going on. They sometimes give away CD’s at shows to let someone know they saw you tapping your foot to their song – and they don’t want you to stop. ” We want people to know that we’re not just there to put on a great show- we’re there to make friends and create a tight-knit music community.”

When asked what’s new with their music; they’re more than happy to announce their new single “First to Fall” is in the works for release in early February.

February 2017 promises to be a super busy month for Janani. After performing at the Sanford Music Festival, they have several parties and film festivals on the schedule, and will finish the month with a show at Uncle Lou’s with The Catalystix on February 26th. “It’s going to be a great month of rock for us, and Uncle Lou’s is the perfect place to end it. Everyone should be there!”

You can find Janani on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Twitter: @MusicByJanani
Instagram: @MusicByJanani


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