3 Tips On Becoming a Better Leader, Entrepreneur, and Business Owner

header2I read and follow many different resources on leadership, business, and entrepreneurship. Lately, I’ve been coming across many articles on the top tips for business, steps to being successful, ways to be creative, or being an influential leader, just to name a few. So, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to provide my 3 tips on the ways that I personally develop as a leader, entrepreneur, and business owner.

1. Drive and Determination

The first and foremost attributes that I think a person needs to have are the drive and determination to set out goals and achieve them. You have to want to change. You have to want to become better, make things better, and continue to push the envelope. Ask questions of why things are the way they are and how they can be better. And even if you do not actually achieve them, you can at least say that you tried and will strive harder to complete the next goal on the list. We all have goals and dreams, but it comes down to those who are going to persevere and get things done. It starts with having the mindset, and if you do not have that mindset, it starts with changing your mentality to become that way.

2. Sphere of Influence

So, how do you change your mentality or become the leader within you? You surround yourself with people, resources, events, books, and places that are relevant to who or what you want to become. This is your Sphere of Influence, or PLN (Personal Learning Network). We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, the same goes for whom you hang out with, what you read and watch, and the places you travel to or get your information from. For example, if you have always dreamed of becoming a film producer, but have no experience whatsoever or even know what to do, you have to start networking with people in the industry. Start reading books about film, producing, leadership, organizational behavior, communication, etc., because all of these things are going to related to being a producer. Start joining meet up groups in your area, finding clubs or organizations, and going to events and seminars to meet new people. And if you happened to live in an area that has none of these opportunities to offer, you may just have to move. It’s up to you on how bad you want it, and of course, your personal circumstances.

3. Open Up Your Mind

I was reading an article on the Inc.com website called, 4 Places to Find Big Ideas, by Jessica Stillman, and it reminded me of the theory and concept of opening up your mind. There are two sides of our brain: the analytical side (left) and the creative side (right). Many of us may either be more creative or be more analytical, but in one way or another we all have the abilities to tap into both. Both have their particular functions, but creativity is something that comes more naturally. So how can one be more creative or think more creatively? You go back to nature. Believe it or not, the places that you go to, live, or are surrounded by have a significant impact on your creativity. This theory has been proven over time. Think about the places you go to or live. Take Silicon Valley in California, for example. The area has grown into one of the biggest technology sectors in the world, because the population there consists of people who generally think of the creative concepts and innovative technology we have today. The larger the population of like-minded people, the stronger the creative energy that flows throughout becomes.

Other good ways to release your creative juices are relaxation and meditation. Have you ever realized that when you are relaxed and having fun you tend to be more creative? Or even when you are traveling to exciting new locations, on a vacation, going for a walk, or in the shower? These activities are all ways to unleash your creativity. Meditation is one of the greatest practices to do this and also helps manifest a life of abundance, prosperity, and peace.

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