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Just in time for New Year’s we bring you a tasty musical treat called Miggs! A four Chb_FsynMeucB7UZmq7a0Rlk08b1XONcrpgJW9i8VII,6R0VuzY40Ha99a16DZvRgl2vO_oUKYfa-SjELLdqjfYpiece pop\rock band who has had a busy year entaining the masses. Don, Micheal, John and Walker have their EP ‘Meet Miggs’ and a new single which can be heard on your local iheart  radio station titled ‘Walls Come Down’.  And adding to the year’s excitment the band joined forces with Ries Brothers and Terry Mcdermott for their Walls Come Down Tour this past Fall.

Over the weekend we spoke to lead singer Don Miggs about lyrics, influences even crazy performances. so read on as I pick an artist for all their performing details! 😀


Can you tell us about your band name?
It’s my last name but I didn’t name the band. Blame the drummer. Always blame the drummer.

When did the band come together (form)?

It really started about 2001 when Michael and I were doing demos. Then I moved OOhygRBEYFED_zQTYYG-xEjS8uDecQjzTbWHZvsFQmc,H33sMc5llQCqVp-WMKbigCUB7yP4NwQVzTN5q5dApls3,000 miles away from him. Took a few years to get this lineup set but here we are.

What can you tell us about your craziest performance?

Every show we try to do one memorable thing. I tend to jump off of anything. Last tour I went to leap off of a box with a very old, very expensive guitar and the box started tipping. I somehow did not fall on my ass. The audience got a scare and a laugh!

Besides social media, do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?
Be good live?! Give people something to talk about and want to share with their friends. Meet very person who came to a show and never let someone else answer fan questions.

What has really influenced your music the most?                                                      All four of us listen to so many different styles. It all seeps in to the recordings we do and makes up miggs. I tend to like a classic sound, from the Stones to Bruce to Afghan Whigs to Gaslight Anthem. All a little messy and from the heart.

Describe your sound in two word’s

This sucks. Lol
American Rock.

Are Lyrics a group effort?
Not really. Nothing against the guys but I don’t think they are moved by the story and strength of words like I am in a song.

Thanks Don!

For more info on the band visit:

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