The Luna Bellum

Luna Bellum at Jammin' Food and Rum fest

Luna Bellum at Jammin’ Food and Rum fest

If you like reggae/funk rock music, I would recommend giving a listen to Orlando based band “The Luna Bellum”. I have partied with them quite a few times and was blown away with their powerful performance and quality music. Formed in 2012, The Luna Bellum has been mesmerizing Floridians with their unique music. The band already has couple of their hit tracks including “Whoa”, “Resistencia”, “Rat-town” etc. Lately, they have hosted a series of coolest house party in the town. The band’s current line-up consists of Wyatt Norton on vocals and guitars, Nano Mesa on vocals and guitars, Billy Barschow (bass) and Trevor Greene (drums).

Recently, I talked with the band members to know more about their future plan, lyric style and some other inside stories. Here are the excerpts:

  • When did you all decide to come together and form a band?

Trevor: Wyatt and I knew each other since high school. But we reunited in Orlando and came up with the idea of this band as we both shared the same zeal for music. I was attending Full Sail University at that time. We met Nano and Billy through my school friends and roommates. And that is how The Luna Bellum was born in October, 2012.

Wyatt: That’s the story of the birth of The Luna Bellum.(Hahahaha).

  • Story behind the name?

Wyatt: We wanted to incorporate the moon, and the old school Latin language into our name. In Latin Bellum means “war”. So, the name Luna Bellum stands for “The Moon War”.

As the band believes there is war against higher consciousness in our world today, the name “The Luna Bellum” itself is a metaphor as the moon symbolizes human consciousness,” he added.

3) How would you describe your sound?

-Funk rock with reggae vibe. Red Hit Chili Peppers is been one of our biggest influences. We like their music a lot. Hip-Hop inspires us as well.

4) Latest update from the band about album/EP release?

– We recorded an EP containing five songs about six months ago. We have done some demo recordings at FIRST school and Full Sail University respectively. Right now, we are focusing on refining our live set to play at bigger venues around town.

5) Best show experience so far?

-Playing with the Super Villains, Ballyhoo! and Spiritual Rez was truly amazing. We have also thrown some house parties over the past few months.

6) Who write the lyrics or is it a team effort?

– Sometimes one of us comes up with an idea and the rest would work on it. In other time, we would just jam to see whether anything comes out. If we like something from jamming we would write it down for further refine.

7) Future plans?

Nano: We want to continue playing around Orlando and hopeful about gaining a fan base here. Eventually, we want to go for small tours in Florida. We are also aiming to go for a nation-wide tour. Wyatt: Of course we aspire of expanding our horizon and reach more audience through our music.

8) Is there anything you want to tell our readers?

– Over the last few months, we hosted some pretty entertaining house parties where several bands performed. We are looking for a good time, so be on our Facebook page and our website to join the extravaganza and have fun with good music. THANK YOU!

For more info check out their social media sites:




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